Michelle Phetlhe

Zesty Pear Cake

The only thing that irks me about it is the fact that it takes 40 to 50min to fully bake to perfection and I simply don’t have the patience to wait for such I digress.This cake is well worth the hassle. Since discovering it, we seem...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Peacock Versus Pitbull: To Ban or Not To Ban

For every positive there is a negative though – an oft ignored side. Some friends will stab you in the front – forget the back - and we tend to conveniently forget that.A pitbull is such a friend to man. You could be friends for quite a sustained...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

Delux oddity- selfish is ordinance

Dear Anonymous, Parents are always the role models for their children. What our parents do, is what we eventually become and we are tamed according to how parents culture their upbringing.So, if things go south between parents, children can sense...

Mqondisi Dube

AFCON bid: Was the cart put before the horse?

The optimism has died down probably due to some harsh realities sink in. The bid technical committee head, Ashford Mamelodi last week gave a lowdown on the preparations and judging from what he said, it will be a long rough road ahead.The Minister of...

Tshwarelo Hosia

The power of school principal

Besides, executing the principal function of providing instructional leadership, school principals shoulder the onerous task of building and sustaining a culture of rapprochement and harmonious relations in their schools.To render quality service to...

Solly Rakgomo

Understanding EAC intervention in the DRC

The fighting has led to deaths and internal displacement as citizens flee the violence. Under Kenya’s leadership, the East African Community (EAC) has taken bold steps to resolve the crisis in eastern DRC.The bloc’s diplomatic and military...

Dr Fahim Chand

No words

However, we have only recently discovered how learning occurs at the molecular level. Scientists have figured out how our dense network of 10 billion neurons works and how sensory information is transported along this lightning-fast network to be...



It most commonly affects the arms or legs, but can also occur in the chest wall, abdomen, neck and genitals. Lymph nodes are an important part of your lymphatic system. Lymphedema can be caused by cancer treatments that remove or damage your lymph...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

Relationships- The Fins Of Our Existence

Dear Anonymous, It is not a secret that we are all not so perfect thus we are bound to commit mistakes or rub each other the wrong way. This is one fact we ought to embrace and cherish the most.Mistakes are not budgeted for and occur unbudgeted. We...

Thulaganyo Jankey

State of the nation and dress

This is an event where Members of Parliament (MPs) and very eminent executives make their way to Parliament to hear the President speak about how well or how sick the nation is in terms of the economy, health and how to deal with disorderly...

Michelle Phetlhe


From time to time our folks give us a ration after go tlhabiwa ko morakeng wa my dad in-law Mr. T, mantlheng a Mosolotshane.It is usually a neatly jumble of bones with deep maroon meat marbled with cream-coloured fat, tota oxtail is quite a beautiful...

Mqondisi Dube

Are BFA judicial bodies captured?

Football and controversy are now considered compatible Siamese twins.Therefore Sekgororoane’s suggestion cannot be dismissed at face value. It has long been said that the administration of football lies within an exclusive group of individuals and...

Tshwarelo Hosia

A steady return to normalcy

Already schools should be starting to conduct a post-mortem of the year while pondering on plans for the new season.Just like the two seasons that preceded it, schools could not throw caution to the wind as there were no signs that COVID- 19 would...

Solly Rakgomo

SONA and Botswana’s national security concerns

The address by the President was anchored on some main themes namely Sustainable Economic Development, Human and Social Development, Sustainable Environment, Governance, Peace and Security and International Relations. It is within the context of...

Dr Fahim Chand

In pursuit of longevity

Though it had been since 5 a.m., when that scourge of human technology, the alarm clock, had mercilessly poked his sleeping brain awake, the day had flown by.He wasn’t a marathon runner or mountain climber, but his day was filled with adrenaline...

Michelle Phetlhe

Party season dishes

The centre of all these sessions is food and drink, and depending who is hosting and where, there is different ways to plan for food. Some of your options are catering, self-catering and potluck.Personally I enjoy cooking so you could always ring...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Of floods, collapsing bridges and suave suits

• There is no need to panic.• We could all be killed. It is vitally important that one keeps abreast of the situation by turning on their television and watching TV reporters in rain slickers stand right next to a flood plain and telling...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

The spiritual realm- the bedrock of life

Dear Anonymous, We spend most of our time in the office, so toxic moments are not what we need. I will route my opinion on spiritual basis. We are Africans and Africans has a way of designing hindrances because they are aware of what our future may...

Mqondisi Dube

Of a punch-drunk league and P100 for the Cops

The league's administrators, the Botswana Football League (BFL) decided to open the booze gates this season as a way to cushion local clubs, which face the biblical Lazarus predicament.But SAAPA is not amused about the latest developments and...

Tshwarelo Hosia

The role of external oversight bodies in public schools

The main road blocks were identified as weak external oversight institutions, poor school governance, a dysfunctional curriculum with irrelevant and overcrowded content and modes of assessment with a bias on knowledge at the expense of skills.Of...

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Bloody knife 1

Woman, 21, fatally stabs boyfriend

FRANCISTOWN: A 21-year-old woman allegedly fatally stabbed her 34-year-old boyfriend, who was a popular taxi operator.


Passenger dies in A15 car crash

A 30-year-old woman has died after a BMW X3 driver she was travelling with lost control of the car which overturned a few kilometres away from the Damochongina village turn-off along A15 Road.

dipheko motube

Three robbers, two bystanders die in CIT heist

Three robbers were fatally shot in an exchange of gunfire with the police on Friday evening leading to the deaths of two bystanders caught in the crossfire after a G4S cash-in-transit (CIT) vehicle heist.

Serowe Police Station commander, Superintendent Poloko Oteng. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

CDC muzzles bars, churches, gatherings

Bar-hopping around Serowe over the weekend could leave one thinking they stumbled upon a neighbour's funeral with entertainment establishments playing music at minimal volume.

The comments from Batswana suggest that the Constitution should be neutral

Tribalism 'exposed'

Should the recommendations of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Review of the Constitution be accepted, and adopted Districts, Sub Districts and councils will be renamed. According to report, concerns were raised that some laws of Botswana have provisions that provide and promote tribal inequalities.

No Image

Ngakaagae pleads lunacy in Metlha murder case

FRANCISTOWN: The attorney of a former Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) employee who has been found guilty of murdering his stepdaughter had submitted that his client was mentally diseased when he committed the offence.

Police officer

Police officer shoots wife, turns gun on himself

In another act of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), a 39-year-old woman is currently fighting for her life in a hospital after she was shot by her husband, a police officer, who turned the gun on himself.

Editor's Comment
Are police trigger-happy?

Unfortunately, that day turned sour for those who were shopping at Sefalana Cash and Carry in Gaborone West Industrial.The exchange of fire that ensued between members of the Botswana Police Service (BPS) and robbers who had allegedly robbed a G4S cash-in-transit vehicle left two civilians dead, three robbers struck down, and an undisclosed number of citizens wounded.One deceased civilian is reportedly an employee of the Citizen Entrepreneurial...

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