Michelle Phetlhe

Carbonara wee!

What is Carbonara? I’m not sure where I had it for the first time many years ago, but I believed it to be one of the most amazing pasta dishes I had ever put to palate. The next time I had it was at Mo’s Kitchen during a restaurant review and...


Strategies to Make Your Salary Go the Distance

1. Budgeting for Financial Clarity:Your financial journey begins with the creation of a comprehensive monthly budget. This essential tool allows you to track your income and expenses, shedding light on where your money is flowing and illuminating...

Kalafhi Medical Centre

Gender-Based Violence in Men: Facts and Professional Perspectives

Defining Gender-Based Violence in MenGBV, often synonymous with violence against women, encompasses various forms of violence and discrimination targeted at individuals because of their gender. While GBV disproportionately affects women and girls,...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Are We Ever Going To Register

They go to court and start complaining about something and some post weird memes – the latter a favorite weapon for party members confined to singing in the party choir. This time registering for elections is proving more difficult than balancing a...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

Preserve your life at all costs- Trust Easily not

A couple of months later, while everything was still fine and one can see the flames of our love from miles away. We were like Romeo and Juliet until he abandoned me with a four (4) months swollen belly and into thin air, brother vanished.I struggled...

Mqondisi Dube

Maligned football hits new highs

Despite a toxic environment, Botswana football fans are witnessing some historic moments, which bodes well for the growth of the local game. From only a population of 2.6million, Botswana has forced its way into football discussion tables across the...

Tshwarelo Hosia

Western culture outfoxed, outmanoeuvred African traditions

The two diametrically opposed worlds were clearly incompatible on many fronts. More often than not, in this encounter, western culture outfoxed and outmanoeuvred African traditions. It is ironic, however, that in a school classroom arena ,western...

Solly Rakgomo

Failure of US war on terror in Africa

The greatest failure of its “Forever Wars,” however, may not be in the Middle East, but in Africa. “Our war on terror begins with al-Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found,...

Dr Fahim Chand

At first glance

The Line was conceived as a linear city, a ribbon of interconnected communities stretching 170 kilometers across the desert. The brainchild of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the project aimed to revolutionise the concept of urban living,...

Michelle Phetlhe

Chocolate Mousse

She’s indeed what one would call a day one, we have and continue to try our utmost best to be intentional about showing up and pouring into each others cups. We were together the night I first had Chocolate mousse, BTO had extended an invitation...


Unlocking Financial Success Through Effective Budgeting

This straightforward yet powerful financial tool empowers individuals to take control of their money and pursue their financial aspirations with confidence. At its core, budgeting entails creating a well-structured plan for managing both income and...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Whither Weather

These captions that leave you more confused than first-time voters when asked whether Mokoko is a political party or not never happen when the weatherman is on. Have you noticed that ever since our favorite weatherman Radithupa Radithupa and the guys...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa


Dear Anonymous, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved brother. He was very young. It is unfortunate that we all do not know how we are going to leave the phase of earth. Everything in our lives happens successfully because it is...

Kalafhi Medical Centre

Testicular Cancer

Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this disease is critical for early detection and successful management. Causes: While the exact cause of testicular cancer remains unclear, certain risk factors have been identified...

Mqondisi Dube

Hate, egos hold football hostage

The plotters of the coup argue, they want to rescue a game that has been held captive by the current administration domiciled at the Botswana Football League (BFL). The push is gaining ground, but the leadership has been holding firm as it fights...

Solly Rakgomo

The failure of international law in Gaza

What is the problem of international law that it has always failed to protect the people of Palestine? What is the missing link or the lacuna that Israel is getting away with its acts without any scrutiny? The answer lies in the international law...

Tshwarelo Hosia

Emphasis on pillar of education

Coming from a colonial background of limited or no access to education, where an overwhelming number of children were callously shut out of schools, it was therefore, a legitimate call for the new African governments to place a high premium on access...

Dr Fahim Chand

At first glance

The Line was conceived as a linear city, a ribbon of interconnected communities stretching 170 kilometers across the desert. The brainchild of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the project aimed to revolutionise the concept of urban living,...


Maximising Your Pulas in Challenging Times

1. Budget Review: Start by revisiting your budget to pinpoint areas where you can make cutbacks. Reducing unnecessary expenses and reallocating funds toward more essential items or savings can be a powerful strategy to maintain your financial...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Body Mass Index and Rubbish Weight Loss Programmes

I am currently dealing with issues more serious than distinguishing between flu and Covid-19. The most significant thing that happened to me was to attend a Wellness event last Saturday. Usually men, including yours truly, avoid such events because...

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Steven Rahman passes on

Zoom Club owner passes on

Club tycoon, Steve Raman who owns a popular night club, Zoom situated in Maruapula, has sadly passed away.

Accused: Magang is accused of ruling with an iron fist PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG

Magang faces revolt

Botswana Volleyball Federation (BVF) president, Tsosi Magang is facing a revolt as she stands accused of ruling with an iron fist. Vice president-beach volleyball, Batsho Ruth Mbangwa, who was voted into office last year, has quit with media relations and marketing officer, Mpho Tlhaselo expected to follow suit. Critics accuse BVF president, Magang of bulldozing the executive committee.

Slippery ground: The South African rand has lost significant value in recent years PIC: GETTYIMAGES

What does the USD/Rand foreign exchange manipulation scandal mean for Botswana?

Last week news reports came out that Standard Chartered Bank had agreed a settlement with the Competition Commission of South Africa to pay a fine of ZAR43 million in relation to accusations of foreign exchange manipulation between the years of 2008 and 2017.

The police will now have to bear the costs of maintaining the house in Phase 2 FILE PIC

Police pay the price for Phase 2 shoot-out

Almost two years since the infamous shooting of 10 robbery suspects at Phase 2 location in Gaborone, the police are now left to pay maintenance costs for the house where the incident took place. According to recently released Government Gazette the police will now have to bear the costs of maintaining the house

Minet Group

Minet Botswana celebrates market dominance in style

Leading broker and advanced pension administrator Minet Botswana held a successful golf day to the auspicious pleasure of an array of dignitaries at the Stanbic bank golf club.

Moeladilothoko arrested but yet to be charged

Arrested Moeladilotlhoko yet to be charged

After arresting Tshepo Sethibe popularly known as Moeladilotlhoko, the police have revealed that the man behind the endeared Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler Facebook page is yet to be charged.

The IEC was recently taken by the UDC to the High Court on a certificate of urgency PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO

Elections may not be held in 2024 – IEC

FRANCISTOWN: The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) fears that the general elections that are anticipated to take place in October 2024 may not be held if the Court of Appeal (CoA) does not entertain its urgent application against the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

Editor's Comment
Molepolole unrest: Urgent attention on missing person cases

From Jakoba's mysterious disappearance on November 9 to the grim discovery of his remains at Mosinki Lands, a gap in the response mechanisms of the police and village leadership has been laid bare. The community's anger is evident, seen in the attack on Bakang Masole, the man found driving Jakoba's taxi and the main suspect, and the subsequent riot. Residents express discontent, citing a troubling trend of missing persons cases often...

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