Kevin Mokento

Everyone will be forgotten

That view, which I must admit, sounded oddish at the time it raptured my ear drum, has since mushroomed in value and found a special place in the deepest recesses of my psyche.Principally because of the weight of its truth! When one’s moment of...

Lesedi Mkhutshwa

Subjecting students to a robust instructional regimen

However, achieving turnaround demands more than merely ensuring teachers are familiar with relevant curriculum developments, modes of assessment, monitoring utilisation of teachers and physical resources within individual schools.Given their...


What causes Vitiligo?

The 2022 theme is Learning to live with Vitiligo. Beyond Vitiligo, Botswana and Vitiligo lady in collaboration with Laha Hotel, Hannah Bontle Lecha, the Ngami DHMT, Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital and other stakeholders commemorated World Vitiligo...

Gaone Monau

My ex-wife is refusing to hand over my properties

Dear AnonymousMy advice will generally stem from the legal perspective. It would be judicious for you to consult an attorney for specific legal advice. One of the legal remedies available to you is an application for contempt of court. The...

Thuli Jankey

Yippee! The city has a new mayor

I mean 80% of city folks own dogs that have no discernible breed identity. Dogs with pit-bull eyes, Rottweiler legs, basset hound hindquarters and German Shepherd hearts are all too common and the people of GC are unlikely to want to pay tax for dogs...

Michelle Phetlhe

Secret peri peri

With the hike in prices on everything, it is for sure motivation to spend more time in your home kitchen and not buying food. My whole family enjoys individual pies and often times I make personalised ones. Everyone gets an opportunity to choose what...

Mqondisi Dube

Botswana, Namibia have only one CAF approved stadium

The rest have been condemned by the continent’s soccer governing body. The consolation is that this could be reversed with proper repair works to the concerned facilities.The sorry state of some facilities in both countries might not be the be-all...

Dr Fahim Chand

Something was different

While I gazed at the solid hemlock front door, which also looked the same, the smells of summer tantalized seductively. Some lucky neighbour would be savouring a tender steak tonight.The unmistakable fragrance of mesquite wood smoking the meat...

Kevin Mokento

Is anonymity always bad?

Though considered a handy tool for the bad boys; burglars and robbers, for many, facemasks continue to be a prized possession, principally because they have been effective in saving lives.Inevitably, because of masks, we have failed to recognise...

Tshwarelo Hosia

Proper remuneration and learning outcomes

Today here I am, finding myself so foolhardy as to attempt a direct confrontation with the money factor and its role (perceived or real) on learning outcomes.Of course, one should tread with caution when dealing with an emotive and sensitive subject...

Lavonah Gure

What does an Occupational Therapist (OT) do?

To understand what occupational therapists do, you must know the concept of occupational therapy. Occupational therapy aims to restore or improve participation in meaningful occupations where there was disruption.Meaningful occupations are activities...

Gaone Monau

My husband is distant

Dear AnonymousI will quote verbatim the contents of Dr John Gray’s book titled ‘Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus in an attempt to advise you. In the said book men are referred to as Martians whilst women are referred to as Venusians.In my...

Thulaganyo Jankey

My first salary

They would neatly type your details on a slip of paper and your salary details and deductions and put it in an envelope. Since I had just started working, there were not many deductions save for tax unlike my more experienced colleagues whose payment...

Michelle Phetlhe

Mexican Bowls

Growing up, and honestly into most of my 20’s, I wasn’t much of a seafood fan. White fish is such a great source of low-fat protein, as well as various vitamins and minerals; something we all could use more of.It’s LOADED with fresh, bold...

Mqondisi Dube

Angels descend in ruthless fashion

The neutrals will feel cheated by circumstances beyond their control. It was an unfair, tough examination. The football gods dictated that only one of Angels or Chiefs will join the Premier League assembly next season.It was a cruel way to pick one...

Dr Fahim Chand

Our collective African faces

For without this structure, none of our governing principles would have materialised. It is only with these as yet unnamed laws, that we would predictably anticipate the sunrise appearing in the east everyday. And only then could the history of...

Kevin Mokento

Africa’s Ombudsman model

Projecting his customary charm, confidence and trademark nonchalance, the erudite president with a king-size ego has assiduously refused to entertain questions from the media about what happened on his farm.On June 9, 2022, in what was seen by many...

Tshwarelo Hosia

Making schools count

Only modest gains have been made, measured in inches and not miles. This is a worrisome scenario because a quick turnaround in education (and not slow incremental changes) is the only vehicle that can deliver a secure post diamond future. The clock...

Dr Neo Sekgoma

Albinism and precautions to minimise complications

Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA) best known as Albinism is a genetic condition that affects the production of melanin pigment resulting in partial or complete absence of melanin, a pigment that is necessary for the colour of the skin, the hair and...

Gaone Monau

Reliable sources say the judge is going to be biased in my matter

Dear AnonymousAs an attorney, I am not in a position to guarantee you loss or triumph in your case. I am also disinclined to confirm nor deny the rumours you heard about the judge.Nonetheless, there are always measurable indicators that gauge the...

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Boko sitting on powder keg

President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko might find himself caught between a rock and a hard place in his quest to make peace with strained coalition partner, Botswana Congress Party (BCP). There is another mountain to climb within his beleaguered party Botswana National Front (BNF). As a result, Mmegi Staff Writer RYDER GABATHUSE writes that there is trouble in the opposition bloc


Constitutional Review: Mosojane Speaks

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to President Mokgweetsi Masisi for having ordered this timely Constitutional Review. However, for some of us who are under threat of assimilation and possible extinction this review is, regrettably, long overdue. This country, Botswana, is bedevilled with inequalities leading to extreme and unprecedented tribalism because of the manner in which our Constitution is framed, and needless to say this is mainly the reason why Phillip (PG) Matante then leader of the Bechuanaland Peoples Party (BPP) walked away from the Constitutional talks at Marlborough House, London, in February, 1966.

Donald Rapulane PIC. SPOTKICK

Football mourns slain Chiefs defender

Local football has been plunged into mourning following the passing of Mochudi Centre Chiefs defender, Donald Rapulane.

Saleshando and BCP members PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES

BCP’s UDC exit could undo historic feat

The looming exit of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) from the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) should not be viewed as good news by the BCP, which needs to retain its legislative seats in the 2024 general elections.

BNF team Boko VS team Bucks case PIC: KENNEDY RAMKONE

"They are not our members" - BNF

Botswana National Front (BNF) says two members who dragged the party to court are not its members and have no business with the party.


A litany of imperfections rock the UDC

Ousted founding partners, alleged one man show, twice the loser, failed inaugural congress and now suspended vice president are phrases that can be thrown about to describe the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s shortcomings since it was formed. Even though the UDC’s last weekend decision to suspend its vice President Dumelang Saleshando might be a straw that broke the camel’s back, its failed inaugural congress takes the crown. Writes Mmegi Staffer MOMPATI TLHANKANE

In the spotlight: The BURS’ hunt for tax dodgers is starting with the alcohol and tobacco industry PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

BURS’ search for missing tax billions starts with booze industry

The taxman plans to institute a controversial “track and trace” system for the alcohol and tobacco industry this year, a sector it says is among those responsible for the loss of up to P3 billion every year in unpaid taxes. The system’s introduction ends after a six-year battle that went all the way to the Finance Ministry, reports Staff Writer, MBONGENI MGUNI

Editor's Comment
Shame on the Police!

According to a press statement from the police, unidentified armed men attacked on duty police officers at the station in the early hours of Tuesday.During the attack, the suspects stole 14 riffles, five pistols and an undisclosed number of ammunition.Although unconfirmed, it is alleged that the suspects were just carrying knives and axes, which they used to scare the men and women in uniform before they took them hostage to help themselves to...

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