ATM safety tips to help you keep your money safe

Notwithstanding, it is highly imperative to be vigilant at one’s physical location which are Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) to further bolster one’s banking safety and security.Securing your informationSecurity experts recommend never writing...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Education Results: From Sick Bed to Death Bed

Then it was moved from the general ward onto the death bed. It is then that the powers that ought to be waded in to fire the proverbial salvos to whoever doesn’t have their own salvos.JC Results are out. Once more they continued the aggressive...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

Eminence unbridles when you discern your position

My siblings and I have moved out of my father’s yard since we feel very betrayed by this latest development. Our last born has just completed her form five (5) about last year and the half- sibling has also completed his form three (3) which means...


Heat Stress – Heat Related Illness

When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106°F or higher within 10 to 15 minutes. Heat stroke can cause permanent disability or death if the person does not receive emergency treatment. Symptoms Symptoms of heat stroke...

Mqondisi Dube

Chiefs' royalty needed in the Premier League

As Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Broadhurst United exchanged blows, one could not help but scan the unspectacular ground filled with optimistic fans.Since 2019, Chiefs fans have had to make with regular visits to dusty grounds after their team was shoved...

Tshwarelo Hosia

Public schools exist to cater for all

Designed with inclusivity in mind, public schools exist to cater for all eligible students including those with special education needs.The idea is to guarantee access to school by all while not compromising quality. This means students are supposed...

Solly Rakgomo

Securitisation of African elections

In fact electoral violence is on the rise in Africa. Despite more than 20 years of adopting democratic governance, democratic indicators are relatively unchanged over the course of 20 years, and electoral violence has a detrimental effect on...

Dr Fahim Chand

Good emotions

He had navigated this route many times and believed he could do it with his eyes closed. The wind’s ferocity bludgeoned the thermometre’s mercury to its depths.Minus. In reference to temperature, the word minus preceding the numerical value hints...

Mqondisi Dube

All duck or no dinner, nothing in between

The leaders will tell you it should be at professional level, but the overwhelming story on the ground tells you there is still a sizeable chunk of amateur football. As used to happen back then when the colonialists arrived with their English, our...

Tshwarelo Hosia

The pride of private schools

In the private school space continuity and a business as usual atmosphere are likely to reign supreme.This is because private schools take pride in having a proven track record of successfully pushing to proficiency many if not all learners under...

Solly Rakgomo

Vitality of China’s post COVID-19 reopening to the world

On the continent, which counts China as its largest trade partner, African importers who sell affordable Chinese-made goods were itching to return to China to stock up while many African countries are also hoping to attract Chinese tourists.The...

Dr Fahim Chand

As history will dictate

The Latin name for rock is saxum and as this word traversed my mind, I pondered if stones last forever? Of this I can’t say, but needless to say they never die.Though, just as humans do, they evolve over time. I wondered what these intricate stone...


Know Your Customer (KYC)-What is it and why is it important?

These institutions include banks, medical aid companies, insurance companies, asset management firms and broker dealers as well as credit unions. It is a significant tool in the fight against rampant financial crimes such as money laundering or...

Thulaganyo Jankey

Welcome to the New Yerrrr

So any unsolicited advice could well be seen as just another attempt by a columnist to pad up their importance and up their stock. I think as columnists we are duty-bound to augment the government’s effort to salve the wounds of the jaded...

Kealeboga Ngwigwa

Mirror the change you aspire to see

Dear Anonymous, It is so unfortunate how competitiveness amongst families have brought so many differences to children of a man and woman.I fully comprehend what you are saying and eight out of 10 families go through that. Family is our biggest asset...


Chronic kidney disease

Your kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from your blood, which are then removed in your urine. Advanced chronic kidney disease can cause dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes to build up in your body.In the early stages of chronic...

Mqondisi Dube

Makwengwe and the ever-rising heat at Gunners

He has been amongst an elite three, including Losika ‘Six’ Keatlholetswe and Ben Kgomela that has one of the most valuable and sought after coaching qualification.Like most coaches, ‘Da Phil’ has led a nomadic life that has taken him through...

Tshwarelo Hosia

The long awaited Super Tuesday

But finally the long awaited Super Tuesday arrived and our public schools resumed their academic business following a long, laborious and exciting but well deserved break.Though Christmas festivities are notoriously known for their energy sapping...

Solly Rakgomo

Africa and the need for military professionalism

One example is the ECOWAS, which is an unstable region with fragile states that are vulnerable to military coups.In fact, of all the seven military coups as well as attempted ones since 2020, five of these successful as well as three failed, were in...

Dr Fahim Chand

As nature intended

As the oxygen transaction concluded in the lungs alveoli, the relaxation of the diaphragm expelled the carbon dioxide result.He was now exhausted. This voyage had commenced seemingly eons ago and he yearned to breathe oxygen the way nature intended....

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Kopong murder accused PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG

Kopong murder accused interfers with witnesses

New evidence has since emerged that the third accused in the Kopong murder trial, Outlwile Aston is interfering with witnesses.


UB employees down tools on Monday

Following failure to settle a remuneration dispute relating to the 2022–2023 salary increment, the University of Botswana Academic and Support Staff Union (UBASSU) has resolved to go on strike.

Ian Khama and Mokgweetsi Masisi during their happier time PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO

Stop fueling hatred between us- Masisi

If what President Mokgweetsi Masisi said over the weekend in Shoshong about former president Ian Khama is anything to go by, the two could smoke the peace pipe soon provided both parties are willing.


Forbes Under 30 returns to Botswana

After debuting last year, the Forbes Under 30 Summit returns to Botswana for a second round with Gaborone set to play host from April 23–26, 2023.


'Accidental death' as brother shoots sister

Jwaneng police are investigating a tragic and fatal accident in which a 17-year-old boy accidentally shot his 24-year-old sister.


VP Lesang, Seretse dump BPF

After careful consideration of recent events in our politics, I have decided to make the hard and difficult decision to part ways with my comrades as the party is now being used in personal reconciliation negotiations and essentially being sold to the highest bidder for personal interest.” Meanwhile, another cadre Foster Seretse has also resigned from the party with immediate effect.


Son (31) attacks 79 aged mother

A fight between step father and step son has landed a 79-year-old woman of Botshabelo ward, Sese Village in hospital.

Editor's Comment
Tighten the law on drug dealers

Our youth are perishing; their once hopeful bright future is going down the drain; all because of illicit drugs.It is very easy to blame the addict, but it is not as simple as that! Drug dealing is a very lucrative business for some shameless people amongst our society and as such they have come up with tight strategies on how to push their business.Drug addiction is bad, and while the individual on drugs sometimes might have been the one who...

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