Chaos in Palapye as Ramogapi blasts


The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) fights over ward allocations in Palapye constituency have escalated to their highest ebb and threaten to disrupt the party’s campaigns, Palapye legislator, Onneetse Ramogapi told Mmegi this week.

Allegations in the constituency are that all fingers are pointing at the BNF secretary-general, Ketlhalefile Motshegwa, who is accused of ‘colluding’ with the Alliance for Progressives (AP) operatives to sideline and frustrate direct UDC members already allocated the wards. According to UDC regulations, direct members are allocated 60% of the wards, with the remaining 40% for different contracted parties. However, the AP and the BNF are allegedly placing their members in the wards and encouraging them to run under the UDC banner, as seen in Molepolole South and Lentsweletau/Mmopane constituencies. In palapye, Motshegwa is also accused of holding secret meetings with his selected members. This is despite the UDC chairperson Motlatsi Molapise's ruling that direct members have equal rights to affiliates and are entitled to their 60% allocation. In Palapye, Molapise was forced to intervene after the BNF and the AP sought to secure a large share of the wards disregarding the ‘entitlement’ that Ramogapi has as an incumbent UDC MP. However, this is not just happening in Palapye only as it affects areas like Nkange amongst others. In an interview with the Palapye MP this week, he could not hide his frustrations. “We are very frustrated at the behaviour of the BNF SG, especially the way he is interfering in my constituency regarding ward allocations.

The UDC has clear guidelines on wards allocations but the the BNF SG is causing unnecessary instability in our constituency by influencing some BNF members to also contest when he knows the UDC arrangement extended to UDC MPs and others. In his secret meetings, Motshegwa claims that he was sent by the Central Committee (CC) to do so. Some BNF members are also not happy with his decisions and that is why they even record him in such meetings. It is clear he wants the UDC to lose some areas,” decried Ramogapi. He said the BNF is not alone in the dirty tricks as it has the backing of some of AP members who want to benefit through underhand tactics. Ramogapi was shocked that the BNF and the AP do not have structures in Palapye and all what is being done is to frustrate the UDC direct members who are contesting for council seats. Ramogapi has highlighted that as an incumbent MP of the area, he would not allow people to bring instability in his area by frustrating other members who are also UDC members. He said the BNF CC has allocated BNF seven wards in Palapye. “They know that when disputes arise, then the UDC will instruct the SG for other parties to resolve the matter while direct members do not have their SG. This is frustrating,” he said. He added that they have discovered that both the AP and the BNF want their members to vote for Gape Motswaledi of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). He claims that Motswaledi might join the AP just after the election.

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