From thug life to Christ-like

Christian rapper, Kabo 'Mo Kreste' Katse
Christian rapper, Kabo 'Mo Kreste' Katse

Growing up in the streets of Woodhall 1 Township in Lobatse Christian rapper, Kabo ‘Mo’Kreste’ Katse quickly adopted a rascal lifestyle that slowly led him to living a thug life.

After living a thug life, much of it fake as he claims, Mo’Kreste, converted to a Christian and used his rap skills to spread the gospel of God.

Narrating about his past Mo’Kreste, who is also an X-Caliber member said, growing up without a father-figure in the township led him to being a mischievous child.

Prior to the meeting the humble rapper asked if he could pray with Showbiz so that the Lord blessed the interview.

“I was a Kwaito head.  I used to look up to the likes of Mandoza and Msawawa plus I could rhyme like them.  I saw myself becoming a kwaito star one day,” said the 23-year-old rapper, who used to have a dream of owning a nightclub before he converted.

While caught up in his Kwaito world, he had a group of friends that influenced him to break the law. 

“We did everything bad that you can think of.  From snatching phones in street corners and alleys to smoking heavy stuff, stealing and having multiple girlfriends,” he said.

He admitted to have used his rap skills to charm girls, something they quickly fell for.

At one point he broke into his aunt’s house who had just came back to Botswana from Canada, “I stole some valuable stuff, gadgets such as cameras”.

He was also a regular viewer of pornographic movies.

While engaged in his thug life Mo’Kreste’s mother lost hope in ever seeing her son becoming a decent child, but there was one uncle who had faith and kept praying for the young man to change his ways.

Despite his mother’s concerns Mo’Kreste did not really care that much.  He continued with his wayward behaviour.

It was only in 2010 when the mischievous thug met a Christian girl that stole his heart.

“When I asked this girl out she said if I want to be with her I should follow Christ.  She then invited me to a scripture union sermon where everything just changed,” the rapper said, adding that he was tired of living a fake life.

Upon his visit at the scripture union gathering he felt a change and welcomed the gospel in his life and quickly decided to leave his old lifestyle.

Even though he broke up with the girl that invited him to the sermon he managed to change his life. 

“I guess the relationship was based on lust,” he said.

Even though he had left the gangster life behind he continued rapping until he met up with X-Caliber a Christian hip hop group that he later joined.

“With X-Caliber we have travelled to many places such as prisons and bars, preaching performing.  After doing all this I feel like I am fully functioning and that I am doing something with a purpose,” he said.

He said through his strong faith and keeping good company he managed to stay away from temptation.

 “I still get tempted to watch porn, drink alcohol and smoke, but due to the strong relationship that I have developed with Christ I have developed a strong character,” he said.

Mo’Kreste wants his story to be told to young people so they learn and develop positive characters and lead purposeful lives.

Apart from spreading the gospel with X-Caliber he also stages solo acts at different open-mic sessions where he recites Motswako gospel poetry and rhymes. He always closes he sets with a signature line ‘Jeso Ke Morena’.

His flow has a mixture of Kwaito and Motswako with a hint of gospel rap.

Despite being a born-again Mo’Kreste still leads a Kasi lifestyle.  He wears All-Star sneakers, Khakhi pants, a hat and simple T-shirt, which he tucks in making him look like a Pantsula. His Kasi friends now call him Moruti Skebo.

Mo’Kreste attends church at ‘His People’ where he serves as one of the team leaders.  He helps with lifting chairs and speakers before and after the service.

“I am not saying that I am better than anyone.  Nor am I doing gospel for fame. I just want the Christ’s gospel to be known,” he said.

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