Donít put all your eggs in one basket

BK Proctor
BK Proctor

Musicians, locally and internationally, can outgrow their success in music and venture into new frontiers of business. Some become entrepreneurs in various fields including music distribution, property, fashion and media. Showbiz correspondent DUMISANI NCUBE talks to two local artists, who explain why it is important for musicians to be entrepreneurs

A few musicians in country such as Vee, Zeus, Euri and BK Proctor have penetrated and swelled their careers to become established entrepreneurs through different initiatives.

Some have survived solely on music while others struggle to make ends meet.

“The example that has been set by the most successful musicians in the world shows us that more financial success can be gained from venturing into businesses outside of being a musician,” said rapper and entrepreneur Kabelo ‘K- Bos’ Motlhatlhedi.

He cited an example of international music producer Dr Dre, Russell Simmons and 50 Cent that have acquired millions through business ventures outside of music.

“What you will find is that many of these internationally successful musicians actually make more money in the businesses they have outside of the music, but in each example, they use their brand to popularise the business they venture into,” K-Bos added.

Not so long ago music superstar Vee made a fortune through selling different commodities. 

He sold condoms and mineral water branded Vee. 

The Vee brand is one of the well-known and accepted artists in the country.

K- Boss believes that as a musician, one builds themselves to be a brand, and as it grows to be more popular it can be used to increase the sales of any product through associating with different stakeholders.

Renowned rapper Euri recently launched his own clothing line called Real Legends.  Prior to the launch of his clothing line he urged his counterparts to venture into other businesses so they make extra cash.

Another renowned musician who has found his feet in the commercial world is Bakani ‘BK’ Proctor who also shared his views on the issue of music and entrepreneurship.

“As one grows in the music industry, one learns to out-hustle and out-think everyone else and that means looking beyond what you can see,” he said.

He added that venturing into other business is a way of understanding and embracing growth by creating opportunities.

BK Proctor has excelled musically and commercially. 

He recently worked with giant cellphone company Samsung through his musical brand.He, however, advised his peers to plan carefully for their future, “as it is much closer than we think”.

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