‘Inform yourself’

Every day it becomes more important for consumers to inform themselves about how things work. Not understanding can lead to unhappiness, embarrassment and poverty.

Let’s start with modern technology. In the last month, I’ve been forced to remove twelve posts from our Facebook group because they appeared to be advertising pornography. In fact they weren’t linking to porn at all, they just linked to advertising sites that (I assume) were trying to boost their popularity and therefore earnings by getting as many clicks as possible.

The thing that interests me is how these links came to be posted. Almost every time I contact the member of the group who posted them their answer is roughly the same. One said: “My fb acc was hacked yesterday morning by sum1 in Lagos, this person has been posting malicious and xplicit content on diff groups. Pliz ignore those msgs. I sincerely apologise for th disturbing msgs. I am now in control of my acc n hv since changed security n access details to improve th security. Thanx for notifying me.”

Editor's Comment
Shame on BotswanaPost, like-minded employers

Just recently, the Manual Workers Union successfully interdicted BotswanaPost from implementing new terms and conditions of employment for its members without the union’s knowledge.The union then took the BotswanaPost to court seeking to stop the postal parastatal from implementing terms and conditions of the workers who fall under their membership without being involved on their behalf.In his ruling, Justice Isaac Bahuma of the Gaborone...

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