The Legend Of Mismatched Socks

This week I tried to do that perfect hubby thing of trying to straighten my socks drawer. As a man one must at one point prove to the wife that he’s not a lost course and do something manly.

You also want your wife to proudly say during a baby shower or bridal shower something like ‘I have a perfect husband because he can straighten his socks drawer’. I know it is not much but it is some kind of ammo for your wife to edify you. So I decided this week to prove my abilities by straightening my socks drawer.

What a task this turned out to be. Men through a very strange genetic flaw always get to a point where they have drawers and drawers of mismatched socks. There’s a sense of inevitability about it. If you are a man and it has not happened to you it is only a matter of time. Keeping our socks together is akin to nailing jelly to a tree. My effort didn’t start off so well though as I knocked down a few handbags and was reprimanded by the wife. With steam blowing out of her ears I was told how Italian some of the handbags were. This is actually a new discovery for me as I didn’t know bags had any sort of nationalities.

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