The fuel increase pandemic

A few years ago we heard some people dipped their sticky fingers in the National Petroleum Fund (NPF). They were brought before a court and after a lot of court shenanigans and gymnastics we were left with one lingering question, ‘were they found guilty’.

In our country when the court cannot make up its mind, instant lawyers and judges sprout all over the place. People that do not even have a certificate of attendance in Arguing at the Customary Court 101, which is actually the most basic form of law training, suddenly become law experts. People argued about this in little courts in combis, leisure spots, streets and bathtubs. People argued about what the outcome should have been. People argued about the most competent judge to preside over the case. People argued about the colour of the suit the judge should wear when handling issues of petroleum. This case sort of petered when the lawyer for the accused had a massive argument with a law enforcement officer and the whole encounter ended in a meme as the meme mill got to work.

The law enforcement officer was advised to choose his playgrounds carefully. Seemingly the law enforcement officer was fond of playing and he had unwisely chosen the lawyer as his playground. Amidst a torrent of rebuke, he was advised to play very far away from the lawyer. We were perfectly prepared to stash this away in the Confusing and Annoying Episodes file until one day we woke up to a year where fuel increases started happening every month. When the president donates a ram, fuel prices increased.

Editor's Comment
Tighten the law on drug dealers

Our youth are perishing; their once hopeful bright future is going down the drain; all because of illicit drugs.It is very easy to blame the addict, but it is not as simple as that! Drug dealing is a very lucrative business for some shameless people amongst our society and as such they have come up with tight strategies on how to push their business.Drug addiction is bad, and while the individual on drugs sometimes might have been the one who...

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