Living With A Cat

I once lived with a cat – well a few cats to be precise. How they ended up in our household is a bit of a mystery. This is mainly because there’s no place where you can find shops for cats.

People are also apparently too lazy to sell cats if they have any. Usually you find there’s a cat in your household and you wonder where it came from. Most of the time the cat is a great grandson to the cat that your great grandfather once owned the origins of which is not known either.

So almost every family member inherited the cat from their folks who also inherited its mother from their folks and on and on it goes. There are 2 types of cats namely a village cat and a house cat. A village cat is that rain-resitant all-weather cat that sleeps outside the house. A house cat is one that has somehow gatecrashed the family tree and sees itself a member of the family.

Editor's Comment
Respect public institutions Mr Pres

Leaders must uphold the rule of law and ensure justice, but Masisi’s remarks raise serious concerns on the separation of powers and the independence of the justice system.Masisi’s claim that he personally instructed authorities not to handcuff Khama, regardless of the legal circumstances, undermines the principles of justice and equality before the law.As Head of State, Masisi should respect the judicial process and avoid interfering in...

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