Chicken with no wings

Before we had franchised restaurants, chicken outlets were the thing and those whose budgets allowed, developed a sense of self-importance.

They always walked out of these chicken outlets with that little box with a few bones and a few crusted chips.

The reason for this was to tongue-in-cheek say, ‘I can afford this scrumptious chicken and you cannot’. So this divided the town into roughly two groups – those who could buy chicken from the imported outlets and those who ate tough chicken at Christmas. Funny now the tough chicken seems to be the chicken eater’s premium choice.

Editor's Comment
Let’s stand against the menace of ‘CAT’

Methcathinone’s addictive grip is tightening, and its consequences are devastating. Lives are being ruined, families torn apart, and futures dashed by its destructive power. The drug’s allure knows no bounds, with various methods of ingestion making it accessible to users of all preferences.Whether it’s snorted, smoked, injected, or taken orally, the outcome is the same: a path of ruin and despair. It is time for action. The government,...

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