The Imperative of Regular Health Checks: Blood Sugar, BMI, and Hypertension

Today, the world is grappling with the rise of lifestyle diseases. Disorders like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension are no longer anomalies, they have become prevalent issues that impact millions globally.

These lifestyle diseases, linked intrinsically with our modern way of living, are often preventable with regular health checks and appropriate lifestyle modifications. In this article, we delve into the significance of monitoring three critical health indicators - blood sugar, Body Mass Index (BMI), and blood pressure.

The importance of blood sugar checks

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GBV: The big elephant in the room

Sadly, the country seems not to have proper tools and the extent to which women and the girl-child are being abused is not adequately measured.Almost every week there are reports of women being attacked by their significant others and while men are attacked as well, women seem to be more on the receiving end.On May 24, 2023 news broke that a woman who was receiving support from the Botswana Gender-Based Violence Prevention Centre in Gaborone, was...

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