Motswana a re go na le go jela

Motswana o rata go natefisa puo ka go e bapisa go na le go bua a tlhamaletse gore go utlwale gore a reng. E re lefoko le le lengwefela, a le dirise gantsi go raya dilo tse di farologanyeng.

A e re gompieno re lebelele ka fa Motswana a natefisang Setswana ka teng ka go dirisa lefoko ‘go jela.’ Ka manatetshapuo a lefoko le a mantsi ga re ke re bue ka one otlhe. Re tlaa tlopola fela mme re tlogele mogopo o ntse o le foo.

Motswana o a tle a re go na le go jela tlase. Go jela tlase mo, go a bo go raya eng? Ka go jela tlase mo, motho o a bo a raya gore o imelwa ke botshelo. Motho o a bo a raya gore, ga a je, ga a tshele ka fa a eletsang kgotsa a ratang ka teng.  A re tseye sekai re re, Morwadi o dikile a lemile mme a solofela go bona thobo e e nametsang.

Editor's Comment
A woman’s right to choose: Or is it?

Here in Botswana, we have many single-parent households, mostly female-led, so what does that suggest? That some fathers choose to ditch the responsibility of caring for their children and leave them to the ones who carry them during pregnancy to do the heavy lifting.Of course, in other dynamics, there are instances where the father wants to keep the baby and the would-be mother does not want to, hence the saying ‘whose body is it anyway’.In...

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