Savanna Tanks sets record for GS ground tank

Savanna Tanks sets record for GS ground tank
Savanna Tanks sets record for GS ground tank

In a remarkable feat of engineering and industry prowess, Savanna Tanks, a company based in Ramotswa has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in securing a construction contract of reportedly Africa's largest galvanised steel (GS) ground tank.

Surpassing the previous record held by their South African competitors, this achievement highlights not only the capabilities of Savanna Tanks but also the positive outcomes of Botswana's industrial transformation efforts. Established by Todd Jennings in the 1990s with a modest capital injection of P5,000, Savanna Tanks evolved into a key player in the region's industrial landscape. The company now boasts a sprawling 12,000-square-metre facility in Ramotswa and serves as a significant source of employment for the local community.

With a presence in South Africa and the broader region, Savanna Tanks has emerged as a vital contributor to Botswana's export industry.

The recent contract for the largest GS ground tank in Africa marks another milestone for Savanna Tanks, as it underscores the company's growing influence in the region's infrastructure development projects.

Notable amongst these achievements is the completion of the Forest Hill project, which involved the construction of a 4 ½-meg GS tank. Savanna Tanks' diverse customer base is also noteworthy, as it contributes to enhancing Botswana's reputation as a brand name in the global market.

Reflecting on the company's journey, Jennings remarked: "It's been a challenging couple of years, characterised by reinvestment and innovation without a day's rest."

Indeed, Savanna Tanks has not only expanded its portfolio to include fabricated pipework and other water-related products but has also secured a role as a service provider for the new Elon Musk’s Skylight internet project, supplying cooling systems for Ground Server Stations. The success of Savanna Tanks serves as a testament to the effectiveness of government policies aimed at promoting industrial growth and innovation. As Botswana continues to strive for economic diversification and industrial advancement, companies like Savanna Tanks stand out as shining examples of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and a commitment to excellence.

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