Tariffs, Tariffs And More Tariffs

When government asks you to dig deep then you know that the faecal irritant has surely hit that rotor on the ceiling. These are tough times. Very tough times. Not even Chuck Norris with his much-vaunted legendary toughness can navigate these times so he’s best left to the big screen fighting dinosaurs and bombing buildings.

Lately there has been a spike in all sorts of tariffs. Water tariffs have gone up. The Covid messages have laid on thick the advantages of proper hygiene. Just as we were getting in stride to help thwart the potency of Covid by frequently washing our hands, boom, water tariffs get hiked. So at this point in time there’s a choice between hygiene and your budget. Now everyone knows this is a no-brainer. Us, average folks will gladly sacrifice hygiene in order to have money in our pockets. So, we will have lots of loaded but dirty citizens - something Dr Masupu will not be happy with.

Electricity tariffs have gone up. This means that you cannot use your electric cooker to cook hooves, samp, tripe and all those delicacies that take a few days.

Editor's Comment
Doctor's orders can't be overemphasised

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