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Bosetu unhappy with failure to enforce Covid-19 protocols in schools

Teachers trade union Bosetu is pointing fingers at basic education minister, Fidelis Molao and the Covid-19 task force team for their laxity in enforcing adherence to set preventative protocols in schools, leading to the current predicament where hundreds of students and teachers in Greater Gaborone are feared infected.

“Minister Fidelis Molao of Basic Education has been on record several times positing that schools should re – open irrespective of the readiness status, as schools would work towards full compliance while they operate. This assertion is regrettable and it shows a flagrant disregard of the welfare of educators and students,” Bosetu said in a statement.

“It is quite clear that the Director of Public Health and the COVID – 19 Task Team are blowing hot and cold and have dismally failed to enforce the COVID – 19 compliance protocols when it comes to educational institutions. Some schools, both public and private, have been allowed to re -open without full compliance and have continued to operate until now while they remain non – compliant. This has not only exposed teachers and students, but it is now proving to be

costly to the nation”, Bosetu says .

The trade union further urged government to act tough on learning institutions that continue to fail to adhere to Covid -19 preventative protocols thereby exposing learners and teachers to the risk of infections as has been seen over the last week.

“It is in view of the above that we have consistently maintained that educational institutions should be maintained at the highest level of compliance with the COVID – 19 protocols for preventative purposes,” Bosetu said in a statement.

“It is most unfortunate that the Ministry of Basic Education in particular has failed to heed this call, and has allowed some schools to operate while not compliant with the COVID – 19 set standards. This has left educators, students and the support staff in educational institutions openly exposed to the virus.”




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