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Crimes against children on the rise in Kweneng

Primary pupils
Kweneng District Council (KDC) chairperson, Jeffery Sibisibi has expressed concern over the rising number of child protection cases. Speaking during a full council meeting on Tuesday, Sibisibi said they had registered 311 clients who came to seek intervention in the form of counselling for various family challenges.

“We recorded a closure of 16 cases for the month ending April 2018, with a registration of 15 new cases. A majority of these cases are crimes committed against children such as defilement, child abuse and child neglect and those committed by children are continually rising,” Sibisibi said. 

Sibisibi said 91 child-related cases were reported in the district and Lekgwapeng ward in Molepolole has the highest record of 28 reported cases.  “This could mean that the people who are supposed to be taking care of children are of children are either absent or are concentrating their attention elsewhere. The correlation does not say much, however it is a known fact that marital disputes are kept secret and usually not reported and they are usually an attribute,” he said.

Sibisibi said they encourage the community to consult with social welfare officers whenever they have grievances or are challenged either personally or at family level.

He said people are under utilising the social welfare services and only seek intervention when the damage has been done.

He said if people could seek intervention of social

welfare officers then possibly number of social ills could be reduced.

Sibisibi said action would be taken against mothers who neglect their children.

The council chairperson said council would interview some of the parents so that they understand some of the issues on what could be leading parents to neglect their children.

He said a proper report would make council to understand whether irresponsible drinking is one of the contributing factors or not.

Sibisibi said councillors would have to come up with ways in which these problems could be addressed looking at all factors that contribute to these cases.

“Councillors can talk to their voters openly because some are aware of what is happening in other families. Sometimes issues of defilement happen because children are left alone. Children need protection of their parents at all times.

If it means addressing Kgotla meetings specifically for these issues then we have to. We will work hand in hand with the police to fight the issue. You may find that some of the cases are not reported at the police especially defilement ones,” he said.




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