Sober Minds Needed During A Crisis

The nation is at a crossroads. Death is in the air. There is a feeling of exasperation, a feeling of discontent sweeping across a panic-stricken nation. Loved ones are dying like flies.

Some are sinking into desperation and frustration. Emotions are probably at an all-time high as the country searches for answers with COVID-19 unrelenting in its attack. There are no clear cut solutions. Those in authority believe they hold all the aces, while the general public is agitated; throwing tantrums at the powers-that-be. It’s a typical helter-skelter situation. In some cases, there is a foreboding feeling that the stable is being closed while the horses have long bolted.

COVID-19 has thrown the whole world into a state of despair. Botswana is also in the middle of that pandemonium, with the last few weeks particularly testing. Reports elsewhere in the global media painted a picture of a country facing its worst COVID-19 period. Some statistics showed Botswana right up at the upper echelons of the COVID-19 table. The government refuted the reports, with the Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness, Sethomo Lelatisitswe saying the country was well on course. When the pandemic first hit the local shores, there was collective admission the country was doing extremely well in containing the spread of the disease.

Editor's Comment
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