As nature intended

He consciously felt his diaphragm contract allowing expansion of his rib cage, which ushered air into his waiting lungs.

As the oxygen transaction concluded in the lungs alveoli, the relaxation of the diaphragm expelled the carbon dioxide result.

He was now exhausted. This voyage had commenced seemingly eons ago and he yearned to breathe oxygen the way nature intended. He glanced around the plane’s interior. Truly a feat of human engineering.

Editor's Comment
Reconciliation talks excite Batswana

Many have made it very clear that there is nothing more they would prefer than seeing the two ending their feud and working together for the good of the country.While some Batswana dismissed reconciliatory efforts as a political ploy, many Batswana welcomed the move with open arms because it is obvious that the feud between the president and former president has not been looking good for the country.The misunderstanding that seems to have started...

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