Should Artists Stand For Parliamentary Elections

I am certain the idea for this week’s column was suggested by someone, but have no clue who it was. I will figure out someone to chastise, debone and sell as a wetsuit.

I mean there surely must be a law against people suggesting columns of this type. The major thing that I wanted to receive in the way of a blessing was that something horrible would happen to the fuel price increase gremlins.

But then, this week our parliament - instead of passing a law that would actually benefit ordinary Batswana, such as a mandatory death penalty for fuel increase personnel - decided to argue about an artist’s tagline ‘yoh’. Now ‘yoh’ was a little chant that the famous artist with dreadlocks uses in his songs as some sort of signature to spruce them up – and his songs need a lot of sprucing up most of the time. Before I get a lot of mail from his angry fans let me just say musically he sounds like an angry toad.

Editor's Comment
Stop the children killing madness!

The incident comes on the heels of a similar one where a father murdered his two toddlers in Francistown. As we grapple with the shock and sorrow of this loss, it is essential to address the underlying issues that led to such a horrific outcome.Our hearts go out to the innocent victims, the three boys aged 13, 10, and eight who lost their lives in circumstances that defy comprehension. Their deep cuts and untimely demise have left a scar on the...

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