December Salary Shift and Living in A Rubbish Timeline

I have been advised by a friend to never argue with people whose TVs are bigger than their bookshelves. But in the world of social media where people hide behind keyboards and launch word missiles and quote dubious online sources, our existence is getting more challenged.

So my instalment today will obviously get challenged by a Facebook-crazed keyboard corporal. The whole day we argue with people with attitude colder than a polar bear’s nipple on social media. We see dumb people everywhere. They’re all over the place. I am pretty sure that the internet is where they both come from and live. For every snappy and quick-witted poster online, there are at least a few 100, 000 people that get confused just from waking up in the morning. Nobody’s sure how they get access to a computer, but they do and we’re stuck with all the silly thoughts from their fingers and butts (brains will be pushing it). I remember one time my neighbour asked me for bread and gave me attitude because according to her it was an inferior brand. I refused to give her the bread loaf and now our altercation is on a neighbourhood WhatsApp group. It is true we are living in the stupidest timeline in history.

The universe, though, has a way of balancing scales and karma was setting its sights on her. I am talking the white hot glare of karma. So far her place has been frequented by about three deputy sheriffs with clipboards and pens and mean faces. Anyway, on to my story for the week. December salary is the most hardworking salary and over the years it has been stretched to ribbons by demands on it. That December salary will be moving so much stone in both January and December it would feel like a Palestinian guy looking for his wife. Think about it. Using just one salary you have to go for a December holiday. Citizens nowadays have decided their lives are not worthwhile if they don’t throw in a holiday to either South Africa or Namibia in Namibia. After the holiday there’s the constitutional visit to the village to check grannies and relatives.

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Stop the children killing madness!

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