“I will do that next week, I do not feel like indulging in anything.” Do these words ring a bell? I am confident that they do because they are very friendly to be conversed as when we feel like. The words that attest to PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is a quality of postponing to do certain events or responsibilities/ obligations. There is an English proverb that alludes that; “Procrastination is a thief of time”. This means that the phase that one misses will never repeat itself to opportune one to complete such obligations. It is the enemy that steals our destinies and brings ailment in our lives. Grace is very key in our lives because it enables events to be and unfold in our daily survival. It therefore, create conducive environments and opportunities that are geared towards improving our lives. So, whatever is apportioned to us by grace is ought to be done and completed within the span that grace has allowed for.

It is imperative that we loop on to the momentum aroused by grace since it gives us ideal obligations at the ideal moment. Procrastination dispositions us from such a grace and the efficiency influenced by the latter. The way grace makes things to unfold, it puts them on a sequence that there is no step that is meant to be missed. If you miss a step, you miss the entire equation. Similarly, when one is undertaking a mathematics question, they have to address every step of the equation successively in order to get the correct answer. Procrastination urges one to miss a step on events that are crucial for the next act of grace to be optimally realized. One day, a man found a bag containing money valued at BWP1, 000, 000 and hid it beneath the foundation of a house he was constructing. At that time, he was in his initial stages of his sickness.

Editor's Comment
CoA brings sanity to DIS/DCEC long-standing feud

This decision follows the raiding of the office of the former Director General of the DCEC, Tymon Katlholo early 2022 and his staff officer by the DIS operatives who reportedly took files that they had targeted.After all back and forth arguments, the CoA has set the record straight giving an invaluable lesson to the DIS that it was no super security organ and it does not have any powers to cogently supervise other security organs including the...

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