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Dear Coach, We are a very big extended family and so divided. When we were growing up, my father’s family was so united that we used to assemble at my grandparents’ home. All the boys will be doing manly duties while us the ladies focused on ours which are, obviously cooking different meals and salads. Men cooked the cow and goat meat. As we were growing, our parents started to realise a drift amongst them, which unfortunately became cancerous in the sense that the bad energy has been channelled to the young generation. So, the bad energy is kind of dominant now to an extent that we are strangers to one another and we can barely talk when we meet in the mall even though we bear the same blood, name and totem. I find this very stupid and meaningless since it is also said that no man is an island. I have the desire to re-unify the family again. Some have said negative things to others that have altered their emotional well-being and they seem not to get over such speech. How do I call for the oneness I seek for my family? How do I restore the love, trust and confidence on each other? Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, It is so unfortunate how competitiveness amongst families have brought so many differences to children of a man and woman.

I fully comprehend what you are saying and eight out of 10 families go through that. Family is our biggest asset and we just do not realise its worth. It is okay for siblings to fight, it is normal.

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