Forgive yourself to open doors of a great future

Dear Coach, I am a college drop out, aged twenty- seven. During my tenure at tertiary school, I met and befriended a group of people whose focus was on having fun than doing school work. We used to party and club a lot, smoke, drink and messing with different girls and eventually, all those acts lead to my failure at school. My results were not satisfactory hence non- continuity was the only order for me. I am currently living with a lot of regrets because life is so difficult for me. I cannot get a job anywhere and most of the vacancies advertised require qualified personnel. Sometimes I feel like I really hate myself for all the stupid decisions I made that led me to this point. I have completely lost a sense of me. I was once academically celebrated by my family and community but now I am a laughing stock and brought shame to my family. What advise can you give me Coach because I really need to put my life back on a good track? Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, I am very sorry for your experience and I know that it is not so easy for you. The most beautiful thing about school is that it has no time frames to it.

I know people who have acquired their degree qualifications at the age of late fifty.

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