Attitude Provides the Taste to Life

Dear Coach, I am a divorcee aged 41 years. I was so committed in my marriage and I trusted and believed in my ex- wife so much that I never thought one day will be separated. I did everything I possibly could so that I give her the life she desired and loved her like she was the only woman alive on planet earth. After a good six years, our union came to cease and it broke my heart so much. I am filled with a lot of bitterness and anger because of what she put me through and at times I feel that all women are like that. Whenever I meet someone, I recall every bad experience that my former partner had made me endure and the new relationship would not last. I see my ex on each one of them and I can seem to trust like I once did. I live a very lonely life since I am afraid of falling in love again. I do not want to experience the heart-break just like the latter that got me divorced. How do I get over this excruciating trauma and get to love again? Please help me out Coach. Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, I know that loving someone and giving your all to the relationship has very detrimental outcomes when you break- up, especially the one you are married to.

It is often said, once bitten, twice shy, you are therefore prone to be in a similar position. That is, you question every opportunity of falling in love that comes your way. Pain alters our perceptions and approach to how we do things.

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Women's bodies are not a man's playground!

In most of these cases, all this violence is done in the name of love! Love is a beautiful thing and no one who claims to love another can ever wish harm on the object of their affection let alone inflict pain upon them.A few weeks ago, the nation was shaken following the gruesome murder of two little innocent souls by their father, who after that painful act committed suicide. One of the biggest challenges that we face as a nation is that we...

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