Pain In Its Nature Is Temporary-Embrace It

Sometimes in our lives, clouds gather to strike and change the atmosphere of the skies. During their summit, clouds wear a gloomy garment and their anger is demonstrated by roaring and snoring voices; thunder.

The lighting stretch like a punishment whip lashed on the back of a poor slave by a ruthless Master. Hey! It is just a storm, do not panic. It may be the most excruciating moment of pain in your life but very soon the sun will send its rays to pierce through the skies and you shall be bright again.

If there is something we try to avoid in our lives is pain but it is inevitable. It leaves us exposed to an emotional state of vulnerability; emotionally taunted, weak, fragile and with shame scavenging over us like vultures waiting for an ailing animal to die. We feel like our beautiful worlds are about to or are crumbling and everything we worked hard for is falling apart in a blink of an eye. We lose our self-worth and nothing around us excites us anymore because the pain sells us the negative feedback only. Thus, our perceptions are fouled with. Sweetness is replaced by bitterness.

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