Ntwa Ya Hitler (6) - From Tunisia To Sicily

We left off with the gunners of APC companies 1971-76 having mastered the complexities of the deadly 3.7-inch Heavy Anti-Aircraft (HAA) artillery.

With their new skills in March of 1943 they were integrated into combat units of British 8th Army under General Montgomery.

This coincided with the final advance against the Axis, German and Italian, forces in Tunisia. Besides Montgomery’s men the allied forces in the region by then included the British 1st Army and American and Free French units, who collectively forced the final surrender of the Axis forces in North Africa on May 13, 1943.  

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Urgent call: Stop the killing!

The previous week, we had an article about a police officer shooting his wife, and turning the gun on himself, whilst he died, his wife survived and is still in the hospital.Sadly that was not the only article we carried on intimate partner killings. There was the Francistown case, where a young woman allegedly stabbed her ‘former boyfriend’ and many others which were reported throughout the week.As all the reports were coming in, a Botswana...

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