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Friday 21 September 2018, 15:09 pm.
Thu 21 Dec 2017, 14:46 pm
This is the 605th and final Consumer Watchdog article in Mmegi.
Thu 14 Dec 2017, 17:46 pm
Things has changed. Massively. Irreversibly.
Thu 30 Nov 2017, 17:37 pm
Nobody really understands Facebook. I don’t even believe that Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues who run Facebook understand it fully.
Thu 16 Nov 2017, 16:28 pm
My dictionary defines fallacy as “a mistaken belief, especially the one based on unsound arguments” and I think we all know life is full of them.
Thu 09 Nov 2017, 08:44 am
Who’s the greater fool, the person who buys Bitcoins today or the person who does not?
Thu 02 Nov 2017, 11:57 am
Twelve and a half years and five-hundred and ninety-seven articles ago, the very first Consumer Watchdog article began with this:
Thu 19 Oct 2017, 16:30 pm
A relative once told me, when I was a child, “it is always better to think before you speak, than to speak before you think.”
Thu 12 Oct 2017, 10:12 am
The current threats
Thu 05 Oct 2017, 19:13 pm
We have good laws in Botswana. They’re not perfect, some of them need updating and there are certainly some gaps but we do rather well.
Thu 28 Sep 2017, 09:47 am
Why do we keep falling for scams? Why, as a nation, are we serial victims to scammers?
Thu 21 Sep 2017, 16:00 pm
We all know how to protect ourselves against infection, don’t we? We know how to sneeze into our elbows, wash our hands after visiting the toilet and to use barrier metho...
Thu 14 Sep 2017, 16:23 pm
Why are they here?
Thu 07 Sep 2017, 13:39 pm
You want to be healthy. I want to be healthy. We both want our family members, our friends and the people we respect to be healthy, don’t we?
Thu 31 Aug 2017, 16:29 pm
You’ll have heard people say that nothing in life is free. Others might have told you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The general consensus is that everything...
Thu 24 Aug 2017, 16:49 pm
Bitcoin doesn’t show any signs of going away. In fact, the growing hype about it just makes it more and more appealing to people. The problem is that most of us know so l...
Thu 17 Aug 2017, 11:21 am
It’s not the big things that will hurt you, it’s the little ones.
Thu 10 Aug 2017, 16:40 pm
I caused some disturbance in our Facebook group last week when I posted the details of a conversation I had with someone who posted an advertisement in the group.
Thu 03 Aug 2017, 12:34 pm
Last week I asked whether we’re stupid. This week, I’ve been wondering if we’re ignorant. The answers are very different.
Thu 27 Jul 2017, 15:41 pm
It’s a question I sometimes ask myself. Are consumers stupid? Are we perhaps a bit insane? Should our mothers allow us out unaccompanied?
Thu 20 Jul 2017, 15:39 pm
Last week it was Herbalife. The week before, it was Amway. They’re two of the largest Multi-Level Marketing schemes in the world and they make a tremendous amount of mone...
Thu 13 Jul 2017, 17:01 pm
Last week we looked at Amway, one of the world’s biggest Multi-Level Marketing schemes and I asked the same question. Will Amway make you rich? Or will it make you any mo...
Thu 06 Jul 2017, 13:07 pm
No. Maybe I should just stop there? Do I need to go any further? Ok, maybe I do.
Fri 30 Jun 2017, 18:57 pm
It is wrong to form stereotypes?
Fri 23 Jun 2017, 14:47 pm
Whether you like it or not, whether you’ve joined or not, whether you think it’s a good or a bad thing, Facebook is here to stay and you’d better get used to it.
Fri 16 Jun 2017, 18:20 pm
For the last few weeks I’ve been describing the range of protections that we’re offered by the Consumer Protection Regulations.
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