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Wednesday 13 December 2017, 16:48 pm.
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 18:48 pm
With all eyes fixated on the inauguration of the country’s fIfth President Mokgweetsi Masisi next year on April 1, the public is eagerly waiting to know who the incoming ...
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 18:16 pm
Brought up from the heart of the wilderness at a small island settlement in the Okavango Delta, and straight to New York City’s bright lights and a starring role in a maj...
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:32 pm
How does one even begin to write about America’s Big Apple, New York City? Great authors, artists and chancers have reimagined and profiled this city for centuries.
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:20 pm
When most in the country put on their Sunday best, few will have reflected on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence (GBV) as it comes to a close for the y...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 18:46 pm
Despite more than 30 years passing since HIV debuted in Botswana, regardless of the advances in care and management and even as the stigma around the disease has decrease...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 16:27 pm
As the oldest opposition party in the country, the Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) has suspended its chairperson, Richard Gudu and a central committee member, Peter Kuchwe f...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 16:22 pm
It is imperative for individuals to familiarise themselves with how social media works, especially Facebook and its influence on one’s mind in order to be used in a healt...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 16:07 pm
Last year, Botswana became the first country in Africa to introduce a new HIV drug called ‘dolutegravir’ that some are calling the Magic Pill. But will it really deliver ...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 16:07 pm
When government recklessly increased the infamous Alcohol Levy willy-nilly in the last eight years, there was caution from some quarters that the move was likely to usher...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 15:46 pm
From the time senior government officials declared the fight against HIV/AIDS a national priority decades ago, the country’s budget had to be reworked to fund the battle....
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 15:46 pm
After the discovery of the first Botswana HIV/AIDS diagnosed case in 1985 scientists, around the globe, especially in the Americas and Europe, tripped over each other to ...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 15:45 pm
For years, HIV-positive people suffered from discrimination, prejudice, negative attitudes and abuse directed at them from the community, public health institutions, empl...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 14:53 pm
A speech delivered by JUSTICE KEY DINGAKE (PhD) at the 2017 Annual Jurists Conference on theme: “State “of Human Rights in Africa: Bridging the gap between Aspirations, I...
Tue 28 Nov 2017, 16:17 pm
Emmerson Mnangagwa officially becomes Zimbabwe’s leader today when he is sworn in the bustling capital of Harare. But as former President, Robert Mugabe’s right-hand man,...
Fri 24 Nov 2017, 18:06 pm
Former Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe’s ascendance and fall from the presidency were respectively spectacular and disgraceful. He presided over a once breadbasket of A...
Fri 24 Nov 2017, 18:01 pm
On the swearing-in ceremony of Zimbabwe’s second President, Emmerson Mnangagwa following the military-aided collapse of the 37-year Robert Mugabe rule, which ended this w...
Fri 24 Nov 2017, 17:37 pm
As hundreds of Zimbabweans living in Francistown staged a massive show singing and dancing to express their freedom at last, Mmegi Staff Writer RYDER GABATHUSE was in the...
Fri 24 Nov 2017, 17:27 pm
PALAPYE: Only over 12 months ago, the streets of Selibe-Phikwe were buzzing with happy people looking forward to the following day and beyond.
Fri 17 Nov 2017, 12:23 pm
In his near four-decade hold on power, President Robert Mugabe presided over the implosion of an economy that once was hailed as the “breadbasket of Africa”. Staff Writer...
Fri 17 Nov 2017, 12:09 pm
Southern African Development Community (SADC) is apparently engaged in a conspiracy of silence while a loyal member, Zimbabwe has reached a boiling point. Mmegi Staff Wri...
Fri 17 Nov 2017, 11:45 am
FRANCISTOWN: Political and social commentator, Ndulamo Morima believes that SADC has let down the people of Zimbabwe.
Fri 10 Nov 2017, 15:55 pm
History shows that revolutions around the world were either started by one person or just a small group of people.
Fri 10 Nov 2017, 15:54 pm
In his search for the Vice President upon ascending to the presidency next April, Mokgweetsi Masisi will have to look for a mature politician who is also a shrewd adminis...
Fri 10 Nov 2017, 15:48 pm
More than a year after its closure, the hopes of selling BCL Mine have ended, with the 70 buyers initially interested, falling to three, then zero. Staff Writers, MBONGE...
Fri 10 Nov 2017, 14:26 pm
FRANCISTOWN: At least former Botswana Ash managing director Montwedi Mphathi and his senior executives long saw dark corporate clouds ominously gathering over the salt an...
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