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Wednesday 13 December 2017, 16:48 pm.
Wed 13 Dec 2017, 18:00 pm
The transport and communications ministry has underscored the urgent need to review policy on sharing of government information and communications technology (ICT) infras...
Wed 13 Dec 2017, 16:19 pm
Local Enterprise Authority’s (LEA) fifth incubator, Kutla Incubation Centre has graduated 29 entrepreneurs after two months of practical training and business management ...
Wed 13 Dec 2017, 16:16 pm
Stanbic Bank Botswana has advised stakeholders that current managing director, Leina Gabaraane will take the reigns as chief executive of Stanbic Bank Zambia effective Ja...
Tue 12 Dec 2017, 16:37 pm
Founding shareholder and managing director (MD) of Kgori Capital, Bakang Seretse has resigned from the fledging fund management company following his appearance in court ...
Tue 12 Dec 2017, 16:35 pm
The wholesale and retail sector has dominated mergers and acquisitions in the past year, the latest Competition Authority (CA) annual report shows.
Tue 12 Dec 2017, 16:28 pm
First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) recently officially opened a new branch at Rail Park Mall.
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:24 pm
Canadian mining company, Lucara Diamond Corporation sees rough diamond production and sales increasing in 2018 due to increased mining at its flagship asset, Karowe mine ...
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:24 pm
The national budget posted a cumulative surplus in the first six months of the 2017/18 financial year, largely on the back of higher mineral revenues, figures released by...
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:20 pm
The International Finance Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank, will next week list a P260 million bond on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) as part of efforts to ...
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:15 pm
The Botswana Horticultural Market (BHM) has seized operations after it failed to achieve its objectives while its financial performance was sluggish.
Fri 08 Dec 2017, 17:12 pm
Despite the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin, Botswana is yet to embrace this cryptocurrency craze that is sweeping the world.
Thu 07 Dec 2017, 18:00 pm
The Transport and Communications ministry says it will tighten screws on the implementation of public infrastructure projects to address concerns of poor quality products...
Thu 07 Dec 2017, 13:37 pm
Local milk production stands at 6.2 million litres in 2017 representing a significant 55% increase from the four million litres produced last year.
Wed 06 Dec 2017, 18:00 pm
Close to half a million Batswana will benefit from various water projects to be undertaken by government using funds acquired from the World Bank’s $145.5 million (P1.5 b...
Wed 06 Dec 2017, 16:56 pm
Botswana has been excluded from a multi-million dollar deal in which Shell-branded fuels distributor, Vivo Energy is taking over the operations of its rivals, Engen in te...
Wed 06 Dec 2017, 16:38 pm
Infrastructure and Housing Development minister, Nonofo Molefhi has blamed construction overruns and budget blowouts on poor project management by consultants.
Tue 05 Dec 2017, 18:03 pm
The Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) says it is upping efforts to address the country’s housing shortage by building 1,500 housing units annually under a number of soci...
Tue 05 Dec 2017, 17:58 pm
MAUN: The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and government-funded projects in the North West region are piloting green technologies for uptake by the communitie...
Tue 05 Dec 2017, 17:57 pm
Puma Energy Botswana has been the first company in the world to launch an innovative fueling system called ‘e-aviation’, which assists in providing accurate and efficient...
Tue 05 Dec 2017, 17:53 pm
TSONYANE: The Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA), formerly known as Registrar of Companies, recently took their services to the residents of remote vill...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 18:00 pm
Experts have called for the review of pension fund regulations to allow new thresholds under which asset managers would have to hold 60% of their portfolio locally and th...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 15:00 pm
If a bank collapses today, beyond interventions that may include management takeover by the regulator and perhaps bail out by the government, what compelling mechanisms o...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 14:46 pm
About half of the allocated agricultural land is underutilised due to overregulation and non-alignment of commercial objectives to the agricultural sector, the minister o...
Fri 01 Dec 2017, 14:26 pm
Industry analysts believe that the Zimbabwean operations of Choppies Enterprises may get a new lease on life following the recent departure of Robert Mugabe as president ...
Thu 30 Nov 2017, 17:33 pm
Consumer goods distributor, CA Sales Holdings has moved more aggressively into the African market, adding one of Zambia’s most vibrant quality brand distributors to its w...
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FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Thursday, 14 Dec 2017
1 USD = Pula   10.2775
1 GBP = Pula   13.7931
1 EUR = Pula   12.1507
1 YEN = Pula   0.0912
1 ZAR = Pula   0.7624
1 Pula = USD   0.0973
1 Pula = GBP   0.0725
1 Pula = EUR   0.0823
1 Pula = YEN   10.96
1 Pula = ZAR   1.3116
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