Just being a bad neighbour

A certain book by a British historian has it that some years ago as World War II was playing itself out, some British spies hatched an elaborate plan to slowly turn Hitler into a woman! At their wits end and with the war now escalating, it was clear that Hitler was in no mood to back down, even in the face of imminent defeat.

The spies’ plan is said to have entailed secretly slipping high doses of oestrogen into Hitler’s meals and it was hoped that over time the oestrogen would make Hitler less aggressive and more docile!

A few days ago I had a little altercation with my neighbour. By all accounts I regard myself as the ideal neighbour, the ultimate dream neighbour. In all the years I have been in my neighbourhood, I have never, not even once; ever had any drama with any of my neighbours and that applies even to my previous neighbourhood, where I resided for over 10  years.  The previous week, I had cleared up an unsightly and decomposing pile of dried leaves after the recent spell of rains.

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Sadly, the country seems not to have proper tools and the extent to which women and the girl-child are being abused is not adequately measured.Almost every week there are reports of women being attacked by their significant others and while men are attacked as well, women seem to be more on the receiving end.On May 24, 2023 news broke that a woman who was receiving support from the Botswana Gender-Based Violence Prevention Centre in Gaborone, was...

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