I am not your AUSI, I am your sister

Like manna from above, fodder landed right onto my lap this week, just when I even was scratching my head hard for this week’s piece. The end of the year is here and like everybody else my body and mind are now in full festive mode, I can’t concentrate and I don’t even want to reason anymore.

So last week we were all minding our own business, or rather minding the government business that was taking place at the opening of the august house when out of the blue social media went abuzz with what I consider a silly catfight between two sisters. Ordinarily, such a beef will not catch anyone’s attention, let alone even make news, but because sometimes it can really get boring in this country, especially with this heat even messing up our brains, the catfight went viral, totally eclipsing the SONA in the process. Forget about the hyped-up Stimulus package; this beef was now the real stimulant!

We don’t live in a jungle. As people we live by little set of rules and norms, which we have set for ourselves. Whereas out there in the jungle animals can just pounce on any passing animal on any given day, our long departed ancestors - and depending on your own personal beliefs- Chimps or Adam’s descendants, made sure to draw up some basis rules just so we are different from animals, most of which really just emphasise on self-restraint.

Editor's Comment
Shame on the Police!

According to a press statement from the police, unidentified armed men attacked on duty police officers at the station in the early hours of Tuesday.During the attack, the suspects stole 14 riffles, five pistols and an undisclosed number of ammunition.Although unconfirmed, it is alleged that the suspects were just carrying knives and axes, which they used to scare the men and women in uniform before they took them hostage to help themselves to...

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