The sleeping giants


Parasites live around and in us. They are micros- organism, which take various forms that look like alien beings. Indeed the microscopic pictures of many (viruses, bacteria, or worms) show them having red eyes, legs, tails, horn like tentacles/antennas, and some even have hair, where you gape in wonder: “what on Earth is this?” (naare selo se ke eng?).

They are intelligent beings from outside our world, with potential and the awesome power to eliminate human life on Earth.

The bubonic plague of 1348-1352 wiped out a huge population of Europe 700 years ago. The influenza virus of 1918-1919 claimed about 500 million lives in the world in a short space of about six months. Scientists remain puzzled as to how the virus started at the same time of 1918 in different continents, as if it had been hibernating in the humans just ready to burst out at a given time. The recent Ebola pandemic claimed about 10,000 lives in West Africa within a short space of time in 2014. The small Botswana population is evidently dwindling from “strange” deaths whose real cause is not known. Something out there, not readily seen is picking people one after the other.

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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day holds immense significance for Batswana as a whole. It offers a moment for reflection and celebration of the country's achievements, while also prompting introspection.We must honestly assess whether the number of years of independence aligns with the progress we have made. While there is certainly much to celebrate, there are also pressing issues that require the attention of relevant stakeholders. Many Batswana are facing...

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