The Monitor Editor Quashes Asparagaus Claim

There is a very disturbing trend that is developing in our country where social media is (ab)used to demean, denigrate and malign those that we don’t agree with. Some of the people who engage in such uncouth behaviour are ‘courageous’ enough to disclose their identity, and to the extent that they do, that is commendable.

However, there are those who engage in this kind of objectionable conduct and conceal their identity because they cannot defend what they put out to the public. This past week a ‘document’ allegedly posted on the GabzFM Facebook page, which has since gone viral, suggested that I work for DIS. The ‘revelation’ that I am on DIS payroll is contained in a patently contrived amateur “intelligence” document purportedly obtained by hacking the spy agency’s computer network. Needless to say I have nothing to gain from working for DIS and I am at a loss what the intention of the author of this document is for imputing such motive about me. It is sad to see discourse in this country rapidly sliding into the gutter in this fashion. Instead of engaging each other in debate, some of our compatriots have resorted to name calling, labelling and casting aspersion on those whom they do not agree with. They do this with extreme recklessness and vindictiveness hiding behind nom-de-plumes on social media platforms, which, ironically, are supposed to be a useful vehicle for deepening conversation. This unconscionable behaviour can only devalue national discourse.


Editor's Comment
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