The BMD Has Always Been An Illusion

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The Botswana Movement for Democracy was (BMD) founded on the principles of factionalism, lack of respect for the rule of regulation and total disregard for constitutional guidance.

People have always known, only people have not been able to say such for the fear that when you tell BMD the truth, they resort to insults and playing the messenger ignoring the ball. The people can no longer fear to pronounce that this political grouping was from the very beginning founded on a wrong footing. The intentions and dreams might have been right, but the method of formation was never correct. Chickens have come back home to roost.  The BMD is not fighting over Pilane, it is fighting amongst itself.

What is transpiring at the BMD is not new in Botswana politics. Interestingly it is being done by the same players who were active during the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)  constitutional stand-off a few years ago. Such characters wanted to swing the BDP constitutional interpretation to their personal view and comfort zones forgetting that the picture remains that of guarding jealously the institution and hence the constitution. They remain the same people with same characteristics only they are at different party. One wonders how people who are failing to use such a simple tool such as a party constitution to run a simple structure like a political party can be able to use a complex instrument called country constitution to run a complex web of mixed societies or tribes called a nation. The soft has become the hardened and the hardened has become the soft.

Editor's Comment
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