Remove the BDP from power to solve corruption

BNF President Duma Boko addressing media PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
BNF President Duma Boko addressing media PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES

The Botswana National Front (BNF) has a historical trail on its anti –corruption stance battles since its formative years. The BNF Pamphlet no 1 and its first manifesto (1969, pgs 23 & 52) condemned corruption.

The 1995 Social Democratic Programme (SDP, revised 2009) is clear on its anti – corruption stance. The BNF 1999 manifesto also emphatically condemned corruption (pg 23). The BNF therefore rejects corruption in all its forms, even today.

In its track records, the BNF proposed that its government will have a Standing Committee on Corruption or an independent Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) which will report to parliament. This will specifically deal with investigating corruption allegations (SDP, para 46).

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