Press Release concerning the use of unilateral sanctions in solving international problems

Russia strongly condemns the desire of some countries to assign the right to determine the expediency and permissible parameters of legitimate cooperation between other states.

The unhealthy disposition of the United States and its allies to use unilateral sanctions as the main tool in solving various international problems causes a growing concern.

In the speech at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 7, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the states that had previously advocated the principles of free trade, fair and open competition, suddenly spoke in the language of trade wars and sanctions, frank economic raiding with intimidation, elimination of competitors in non-market ways. Indeed, globalisation turns into a parody of itself when international law is replaced by some kind of national laws, administrative and judicial mechanisms of one country or a group of influential states, as the United States does today in an attempt to extend its jurisdiction to the whole world. Such a model not only contradicts the logic of normal interstate communication and the emerging realities of a multipolar world, but does not meet the challenges of the future. The fragmentation of global space through the forcible pushing of the selfish interests of individual countries is the path to endless conflicts, trade and bloody wars, fights without rules of all against all.

We would like to recall the Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States and the Protection of their Independence and Sovereignty (adopted by the UN General Assembly resolution 2131 dated December 21, 1965), which clearly states that “no State may use or encourage the use of economic, political or any other type of measures to coerce another State in order to obtain from it the subordination of the exercise of its sovereign rights”.

Ignoring this, the United States waives its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) around the Iranian nuclear program and restores unilateral sanctions against Iran in violation of the agreements and UN Security Council resolution 2231. This is a vivid example of the deliberate shattering by the US administration of the international legal framework in the field of nuclear non-proliferation and international security. Washington’s refusal of a “nuclear deal” creates long-term uncertainty in resolving regional problems in the Middle East. As a result, the situation in the Gulf is approaching a dangerous line. There has been an unprecedented increase in the American naval concentrating in the region with Washington’s aggressive rhetoric being toughened.

Special rejection is caused by the use of unilateral sanctions to change the “undesirable regimes” through strangulating the economy of the “targeted” countries and swaying their internal political situation. In particular, genuine economic terror has been unleashed against Venezuela. There is Washington’s obsession to overthrow the legitimate government of Nicolas Maduro. In the spirit of the reanimated Monroe Doctrine, the United States has been pursuing an uncompromising strategy aimed at changing power in Cuba and Nicaragua.

This topic was also voiced in the speech of the Russian President at the Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia held in Dushanbe on June 15, 2019. According to him, now collective efforts are needed more than ever to get out of this situation. Russia calls upon all sensible forces to resolutely oppose the imposition of illegal unilateral sanctions by any state and the abuse of the extraterritorial application of national jurisdiction. Thus, the joint statement of Russia and China dated June 5, 2019, urges to develop relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, entering into a new era concerning the inadmissibility of political dictatorship, currency blackmail in international cooperation and strong condemnation of the desire of individual countries to assign the right to determine the expediency and permissible parameters of legitimate cooperation between other states.

Our country confirms its constant policy of equal, constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested states. We remind that Russia has never supported the development of sanctions enmity, has always been a responsible member of the world community, a reliable partner for all.

*The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Botswana

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