Neo-imperialism versus ISIS terrorism

Recent attacks apparently orchestrated by ISIS in France have reinvigorated popular debate about terrorism. Sadly, but typically, the mainstream media has censored and omitted any honest and candid discussion about the true causes of terrorism and how it might be prevented.

This article seeks to redress this glaring omission, and utter the bleeding obvious. ISIS has claimed the attack, and France has already bombed their stronghold in Al-Raqqa. In truth, the investigations into the attacks are still in their infancy. In the wake of the November 13 terror attacks in Paris, the old great lie that is always repeated after such terrorist incidents directed at Westerners was again trotted out by every Western leader, and again parroted by a sycophantic and complicit mainstream Western media. The lie goes like this; ‘Nothing in our foreign policy actions could have possibly caused or contributed to the terrorist event in any way. The terrorists only did this to us because they hate us, and they only hate us because we stand for freedom, love, peace and goodness’.

However, I doubt whether any of the Western political elite who vomit this nonsense in the wake of terrorist events actually believe it themselves. They all parrot the line with such monotonous exactitude that it must be an official statement from an internal memo once circulated to all spokes-people about how they must respond to media questions about the causes of terrorist incidents.

Editor's Comment
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