Easter reflection: Is there salvation outside the Church?

Easter reflection PIC: bellatorchristi.com
Easter reflection PIC: bellatorchristi.com

We are now coming near to that time of the year when people go off in different directions to celebrate Easter. We pause a moment from politics of the stomach and introspect the inner person, the spiritual person. Some will be going to the cattle post while others will be visiting tourist places.

Others will be making pilgrimages while some others still will go to their different churches to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, what is also called the paschal mystery, which is the climax of Christian faith. This is how people plan their free time.

Holy Week and Easter is an important time in the life of the church and most people who belong to the church and have even a little faith try to get to the ceremonies. But beneath all of that, or prior to all of that, there is the question of whether or not it is necessary to belong to the church in the first place. In other words, can there be salvation outside the church? Or should we say extra ecclesiam nulla salus - outside the church there is no salvation?

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A step in the right direction

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