BNF Did Not Benefit From The Alleged Money Laundering Transactions

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Of recent, the media has been awash with money laundering allegations involving over P250 million.

We particularly take note of the recent allegations by a local newspaper in its edition of December 10-16, 2017, which alleged that all opposition parties, “with the exception of AP and BPP” have benefited from such illegal transactions. In response, the Botswana National Front (BNF) would like to categorically put on record that such transactions have never reached the party.

 In this Bakang Seretse allegation, we are challenging the SS that, instead of generalising about “opposition parties”, it should provide evidence to back up its allegations, accuse specific political parties and state the amounts involved, the manner of transacting and when the transaction was made to the “opposition parties”.  No one from SS bothered to contact the said opposition parties to get their side of the story.

Editor's Comment
Stop the children killing madness!

The incident comes on the heels of a similar one where a father murdered his two toddlers in Francistown. As we grapple with the shock and sorrow of this loss, it is essential to address the underlying issues that led to such a horrific outcome.Our hearts go out to the innocent victims, the three boys aged 13, 10, and eight who lost their lives in circumstances that defy comprehension. Their deep cuts and untimely demise have left a scar on the...

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