We are not joining BDP - Nasha

Magret Nasha during the AP parliamentary candidate for Francistown South Whynter Mmolotsi PIC: LESEDI MKHUTSHWA
Magret Nasha during the AP parliamentary candidate for Francistown South Whynter Mmolotsi PIC: LESEDI MKHUTSHWA

FRANCISTOWN: Alliance for Progressives (AP) president advisor and former speaker of the National Assembly Margaret Nasha has told multitudes of their members during the weekend that there is no coalition that is going to take place between AP and the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Nasha was addressing members of AP who thronged Chedu Chonga grounds during their Francistown South parliamentary and councillors launch. The well-attended launch began with a motorcade in the morning followed by official proceedings later in the afternoon.

In her address, the former assembly speaker said that she was shocked by the BDP’s move, requesting them to join hands just a few months before general elections.

She said that it is her first time to see a party seeking for coalitions just before elections.

“What if we are going to win the elections with a margin of 27 and they only have 10 that would not be fair because they will be taking advantage of our win,” Nasha said.

She was determined that AP is going to win the elections without any coalition because of the political assessment they carried out around the country.

Nasha assured members of AP that they are not going to join any party as assumed and as requested by the ruling party.

 “We are not going to work with people without integrity, (who are) undisciplined and corrupt,” she said.

She said that BDP is suffering the consequences of unfairly dismissing them from the party but she finds it more confusing and unbelievable that they are interested in working with them. 

Nasha said that when they were part of the BDP back then, they warned them of certain people who are going to destroy the party but because of certain people’s ego they turned a deaf ear towards them. 

“When we warned them about Rre Khama, they said that we are acting like spoilt children and making stupid accusations against him,” she added.

The outspoken Nasha further said that she would rather remain stupid than in a critical situation that BDP is currently facing at the moment.

She said that they warned BDP that they foresee danger ahead when former president Ian Khama was elected to represent the party and they acted as if the naysayers did not make any sense. 

She said that only now that BDP is feeling the heat do they want AP to be part of their games, but they should just forget it and dance to their own tune.  

The fearless leader said that Khama was a troublemaker and he brewed all the problems, which BDP faces today. 

She roasted the ruling party, indicating that in the past it was a well-known matter that political parties that split are only opposition’s, but now all that has changed because the ruling party has a child, grandchild and a great grandchild and that does not matter because as AP they are going forward. 

When speaking about the candidates that will be contesting for Francistown South under parliamentary and council seats, Nasha said that members of the party including the public at large should vote for visionary leaders such as Wynter Mmolotsi and other council candidates under the AP ticket.

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