Royal Priesthood Hosts Women's Conference

Royal Priesthood Assembly donated food hampers to five families
Royal Priesthood Assembly donated food hampers to five families

Royal Priesthood Assembly hosted its annual women’s conference recently held under the theme: Broken But Not Defeated.

Hosted by Prophetess K Bafana of Royal Priesthood Assembly, this year the conference had a guest preacher, Prophet Marobane from South Africa. The mandate of the conference is to engage and encourage women to rise in the kingdom of God. The summit also seeks to help women to grow as custodians in the growing kingdom and as women of service to the Lord.

As scripture relays, Psalm 46 verse 5: "God is within her, she will not fail, God will help her at break of day," the conference also called on women to assume their position in the kingdom and that with God on her side, she will not fail.

This coins the theme well because even in times of adversity, God calls women to pray and fellowship together to ignite change and to bring people to Him. The programme of the conference was mostly engaged women in praise, worship, prayer and sermons. Prophet Marobane called on the women to rise in the kingdom as the custodians to also help by serving other people.

This was cemented on the second day of the conference by the donation of food hampers and toiletries to the less privileged. A total of five families received the food hampers and toiletries. The donation came at an opportune time as the festive season is the season of giving. It is also a season when this need is paramount.

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Happy Independence!

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