Accused admits to stabbing Isaac Davids


In the murder trial of the murdered Isaac Davids that resumed earlier today, the first accused Jabulani Dube, has admitted to stabbing the former Member of Parliament for Mochudi East twice in the head.

Dube, along with the second accused Mokgalemi Maleya, stands trial for David's murder.

During his testimony, Dube stated that the act was a desperate attempt to escape from Davids.

"Davids attacked us with a log and beat us severely. Maleya seemed to be unconscious at one point. I initially stabbed Davids in the thigh to escape, but he continued to hit me. In desperation, I stabbed him in the head twice, but he still didn't stop. Maleya then stabbed him in the back, and I struck Davids on the head with the back of a knife, which finally caused him to fall," Dube explained.

Dube testified that both he and Maleya stabbed Davids after an altercation over horses.

 Jabulani Dube being escorted at Gaborone high court. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG
Jabulani Dube being escorted at Gaborone high court. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG

"Davids had instructed us to take his horses to search for his cattle. However, when Davids found us drinking traditional beer, known as 'khadi', he became furious. He assaulted us. In an attempt to defend ourselves and flee, we stabbed him as he was asking his companion to bring him a gun," Dube stated.

Furthermore, Dube revealed that Davids' companion fled the scene when he saw the latter was injured and went to call the police.

"When the police arrived, they found me sitting next to Davids, and Mokgalemi was there trying to clean his knife. We then helped load Davids into the car so he could be taken to the hospital. We handed over the knives we used to stab Davids to the police officers, and we were then taken to the police station," he added.

He further explained that by the time of the incident, he had consumed more than five litres of khadi.

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