Victor hails William Last KRM

POWERFUL DUO : Victor and William Last KRM (Pic credit Internet)
POWERFUL DUO : Victor and William Last KRM (Pic credit Internet)

Eighteen-year-old comedian, Victor Nkoba has hailed rapper-cum-comedian, William Lask KRM's influence after he saw his life change for the better in the past few months following the two working together.

The Kanye-born comedian,, who resembles the same looks as Motsetserepa, says he was subjected to ridicule and shaming for his style of comedy. But he has since certainly realised a change of fortunes since he started working with Motsetserepa as William Last KRM. The two have similar features (such as big tooth gap), and he says that got him fascinated to start his own thing and venture into comedy. In an interview with Arts & Culture, Victor as he prefers to be called, revealed that he never thought for any moment that he would be walking such a great path alongside one of the biggest stars in the country. “This thing of me being a comedian started only as a joke as my friends were the ones who always said I look like William and advised that I do something about it,” the teenager said. He says at first, he did not instantly heed his friends’ advises.

However, it was in 2020 when he decided to go for it. He revealed that when he started, his comedy was solely based on imitating William Last KRM. “I started taking comedy serious back in 2020 and that is the time I started shooting videos imitating what he is doing mostly,” he said. Just because he has similar looks to William Last KRM, he thought it would be easy, but says he found the going getting tough along the way. Victor says he received a lot of backlash from the public criticising him for his comedy. “I used to receive a lot of bullying from social media for imitating William and this was really stressing me because they said I copy him and trying to be like him,” Victor revealed. However, he said despite the backlash, the teenage comedian did not stop what he was doing. The public criticism pushed him to want to reach the pinnacle of success in comedy. His resilience paid dividends as William Last KRM recognised him and contacted him with a proposal that they should work together. “He saw my videos on social media and he then called me for a meet up. And that’s how I met him and ever since then we have been working together,” he added.

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