Up close and personal with Pompi aka Dinyanya

Pompi aka Dinyanya
Pompi aka Dinyanya

Goitsemodimo Letebele, also known as Pompi or Dinyanya, is a young comedian from Molepolole who specialises in short online situational comedy skits also referred to as vines.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, Pompi explained that his biggest passion was content creation, acting and moving people’s emotions through his performances. “I normally collaborate with other local content creators. Minestrone Soup, Xolo Black, Triccs, Jonny Pule and Maatla Ephraim Basha inspired me when I saw them online back in 2019 and that is when I decided that I want to make vines. And what makes me different from other comedians is that I am a natural performer. When I act I get into character and I ensure that it becomes believable to the audience and that is what sets me apart from fellow online comedians,” he said.

Furthermore, he added that he would like to work with different kinds of creative minds in the art industry because he felt that they could break boundaries and achieve more if they collaborate with young creative minds in Botswana. He further said that since he started comedy, Batswana have shown him great support. He added that ever since his debut in the local comedy industry, he had never received any negative comments except the love and appreciation for the work he does.

Pompi currently has 130,468 followers on Facebook. He said the work was a great achievement that opened many opportunities for him. He also revealed that he intended to make a good living from his talent and use it to support his loved ones. This young comedian also emphasised that he believed that his talent would take him to places he had never dreamed of.

He added that he wanted to inspire other young Batswana with what he does to be the best they could be. “My achievements include starring as a lead actor in a sitcom that is currently airing on UpicTV. I have also been on several adverts on Btv and some of my online work have been featured on SABC 3 and on Etv in South Africa. The challenges I have faced as a comedian include finances because I need to rent cameras and props to create the content regularly.

I am a free agent. My favourite video is the one I made with Bra Tom dubbed Landlord. Except comedy, I have a cab business that currently helps me put food on the table,” he said.

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