Skupu Samoya lured by house kwasa

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The authentic house-kwasa sound, which has turned pint-sized Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento into a bankable artist and Lesedi ‘Slizer’ Kaisara into an instant household name, continues to attract more budding stars.

This fusion of the original kwasakwasa and house beats has now attracted another former kwasakwasa musician, Molebeledi Lesego, whose latest album Mama signifies a steady drift from his original sound.

The man, who goes by the stage name Skupu Samoya, says his ultimate goal is to shift to the original house sound.

“On this album there is a song that is pure house, but the majority are house kwasa.  I wanted a smooth transition because my fans know me as a house kwasa musician.  Besides the two sounds, house and house kwasa, are related,” he said.

The artist speaks of the music and sings with so much optimism and enthusiasm that it is easy to understand why he chose to change over to it.

The musician denotes some lyrical maturity in the new project.

“My lyrics are a lot more mature than the last time.  But it is not only about that.  Overall I am improving because this album mixes house-kwasa, kwasakwasa and some touches of Nigerian beats.  That shows that my scope is becoming wider and my understanding of music is richer,” he said.

The album starts with the title track Mama, but it is the second track, Sexy Lady, which the musician ‘borrows’ from the Nigerian sounds. While other musicians strive to have as many as 16 tracks per album, Skupu has opted for only six. 

He explains: “Chances of all the songs making an impression are slim when the album is too loaded, but with six tracks, one can go through all of them and start again.  During production it is not necessary to put everything in one album.  No matter how many good ideas you have, rather save others for the next album.”

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