Roast Not So Tasty


The much talked about Roast of Kast did not live up to its billing as the roasting acts failed to deliver what was expected from them.

The Roast of Kast was held on Friday at Avani Hotel. The roasters were Rib Cracker, Tricks, Juju Vine, Juju Boy, Phaps and Mosako. The roast master was Daniel Kenosi who was better than all the other roasters.

Tricks who was the better roaster of the night went up first and pulled a couple of shots on Kast Stallion likening him to a horse saying no wonder he managed to walk 1,000 km and went on to say the rapper was in Maun recently racing with horses since he is a stallion.

“Kast did a good thing by walking but he should be arrested now,” Tricks said. “He has given people ideas to walk when they do not have money. Imagine someone walking from Mochudi to Gaborone because they do not have transport fee.”

Facebook celebrities Juju Vine and Mjamaica staged a shot act depicting how Kast has dodged some of the people who helped him to walk from Maun to Gaborone as he refused to give them money and advised them to buy Tlatsa Lebala tickets. Mjamaica was the victim who walked with Kast and ended up having swollen legs from trekking. Juju Vine was the father to Mjamaica who confronted his son for walking with the rapper as he insulted him saying he is a bloody Kast.

Phaps came on stage but did not impress the audience as they hardly laughed at his jokes. Mosako came and just thanked Kast for walking from Maun to Gaborone and went back to sit down. Juju Boy was a bit better than the previous two roasters as he made the audience laugh.

The last roaster Rib Cracker who is a comedy expert lasted for less than 10 minutes on stage as he also failed to roast Kast. He made a joke about each roaster and said Kast should auction his rifi to CTO. He went to sit down as the audience was left disappointed because they expected much from him.

After all the acts, Kast came on stage to roast them also. He started off by saying since it was late, he should just cancel his act so people can go to their houses.

He roasted Phaps for being the least performer. “Phaps you gave me hope because now I know I am not the least performer,” he said.

He went onto Juju Boy saying he is a white man stuck in a black man’s skin due to his metro sexual tendencies. 

Roast master Daniel Kenosi was at his element and he hosted the event as if he is a comedian by profession, roasting Kast throughout the show.

He questioned if the rapper really walked from Maun to Gaborone. He also went to the extent of saying Kast starved his wife for 30 days while he walked.

“Vero, didn’t you receive calls from politicians or ministers saying they want to support and feed you since Kast is away,” Kenosi asked Kast’s wife who was in the audience.

Kenosi went onto imitate Vee Mampeezy as he spoke of how he donated P40,000 while the P30,000 is performance fee not cash.

Above all the roast lacked a producer and director to assess the production before being staged.

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