Kitsane’s pen art a dream come true

Some of Kitsane’s commissioned artworks
Some of Kitsane’s commissioned artworks

Female pen (ink) artist, Salome Kitsane, says she was impressed by cartoons and wanted to try whether she could make her own at a tender age.

The 21-year-old, who is doing Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Botswana, makes distorted and commissioned artworks. In an interview with Arts & Culture, Kitsane said she first started drawing at a tender age when she was eight-years-old. She explained that she was really allured by how cartoons looked and wanted to try and see if she could make her own. Additionally, she pointed out that at times she would even go to the extent of tracing them out from books and then altering them to how she found fit. “I believe each and every person living under the sun has a gift and a role to play in the universe. I too have gifts entrusted to me and among those is drawing. I do not want to wake up one day to the saddened eyes of a dream I failed to give life to and that is enough to make me an art fanatic. I could have focused on realistic drawing but looking around, I realised that a lot of artists are doing it,” Kitsane said.

She also pointed out that she felt that following suit would limit her imagination and also limit her ability to articulate her genuine inner voice through art and tell an original story about almost anything of her desire. Kitsane said she wanted to stand out. She wanted to defy the odds and let her voice be heard. She therefore decided to focus on making distorted artworks, which had no limits. Though she has not yet reached a good audience, she said Batswana have shown great admiration for her work adding that they really loved how she never stumbled to change a drawing and see how far the rabbit hole goes, especially as a female artist. She explained that one of her customers termed it as 'very fierce' of her calibre to want to be different. “I remember there was a time my artwork was rejected in an art fair back in senior school, because it was so good the judges did not believe I made it myself. My customers too are always elated to see themselves on paper. My most memorable work is a distorted art piece I made for the renowned lawyer Uyapo Ndadi. I basically made it in remembrance of my late father. This is how I described it," she said.

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