ATI expelled from Pop Bottles

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Barely a month after putting on a united front for Serowe Pop Bottles, Atlasaone ‘ATI’ Molemogi and James ‘Double Jay’ Ratshosa, have fallen out again.

Double Jay, an upcoming hip hop artist from Serowe told Showbiz that he has realised that sharing his concept with many people including ATI did not work out for him.

“Pop Bottles is a concept that I want to turn into an annual event and a lasting legacy.  We have decided to part ways with ATI because of his poor character and the negative publicity that he has been attracting lately.  If he reforms, he is welcome to join us again,” said Double Jay, who is also cousin of the more famous ATI.

Double Jay chastised ATI, saying that apart from his poor character, it was his lack of morals that was the last straw for him.  He said he decided to dismiss him as one of the directors of Pop Bottles on those grounds.

He added that it was regrettable that ATI revealed his bedroom exploits to the public in a local midweek newspaper saying that it was likely to put Pop Bottles in bad light.

“Pop Bottles is now a registered company with two directors namely Anthony Phokoletso and I.  We intend to rebrand this year,” he said.

 He also said his company intends to have a pre-show tour this September, which will cover a number of places like Maun, Francistown and Gaborone before coming to the final show in the Bamangwato capital of Serowe.

He said that merchandise for the company will start selling June this year.

Double Jay said that the second edition of the show was attended by over 5,000 people and that all the artists in the lineup outdid themselves.

Responding to his dismissal, ATI said that he was heartbroken by the way his cousin and his current partner have treated him lately.

“I am shocked to hear that the so-called directors have made allegations of immorality on my part.  They use these unfounded allegations to ostracise me for no good reason,” he said.

ATI revealed that he gave in after much persuasion to rejoin the second edition of Pop Bottles adding that he is the one who helped resurrect it after pouring his resources into the project.

“Before they convinced me to rejoin them, they didn’t have enough funds to hire equipment.  Even their line up for the show was pathetic.  Have they mentioned to you that my company is paying off all the debts incurred at the show? 

Have the so-called directors told you that the gate-takings disappeared again,” said ATI, adding that he has not seen a cent of the money made at the show.

He also said that despite the fact that he was cheated yet again, he decided not to pursue the matter.

ATI further accused Ratshosa and Phokoletso of lack of commitment and dedication to the Pop Bottles concept saying that he does not see himself working with them again.

The artist who is currently has a pending criminal case at the courts further said that he did not want to comment further on the issue.

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