Abused coaches their own worst enemies

Just before the soccer season reaches the half way stage, a number of Batswana coaches have lost their jobs.

The axe has already claimed Boyo ‘Oris’ Radipotsane at Jwaneng Galaxy, Kenneth Mogae at FC Satmos and inevitably, Pio Paul at Extension Gunners.

The Gunners management seems to think that Pio’s assistant, Oupa Kowa, could do the job and probably the team could save a few Pulas. While perhaps it is easy to understand the sacking of Radipotsane and Mogae on account of unsatisfactory results, with Pio it is a different story because performance wise he has been doing well. As for Mogae and Radipotsane, the going has not only been tough but rough as well such that relegation is starring the two clubs in the face.

The main worry is that it seems easy to fire local coaches than their foreign counterparts.

The question is: Is it because these coaches enter into gentleman’s agreements with clubs and do not have binding contracts that can make it difficult for club administrators to take decision at the drop of a pin? Simply put, out of patriotism local coaches tend to sell themselves short. 

The unfortunate thing is that there is no overseer as the administrators tend to abuse their power and office. As to whether the administrators do really understand their roles and separation of duties is difficult to comprehend. Some like poking their nose into the lineup while others just like to throw their weight around.

Perhaps it is time the coaches form some kind of union or forum where they can share ideas. At the moment, our coaches are too detached from each other and it also looks like they back bite each other much to the glee of the club administrators. And it is the desperation part that has opened a window of abusive behaviour. Instead of bargaining hard and having proper contracts, local coaches seem always eager to take to the field before everything is sealed. It is time they engage lawyers to help them sign contracts.

I know that Madinda Ndlovu usually likes to talk through his lawyers when he has differences with his employers for he does not want to be taken advantage of. Some club administrators are abusive by taking advantage of the desperation of the coaches. Many times the local coaches do not have clear-cut goals and proper contracts based on the resources that they have.

These ought to be outlined so that employer and employee sing from the same hymn book and dance to the same tune. If one looks at Gunners, it is obvious that the club surprised itself with a good start to the season and this meant good publicity.

Some people would want to be the ones credited with success while others would like to highjack the situation to their advantage. I think this is what is happening to Gunners notwithstanding the boundary limits of club officials. There is a high number of high profile coaches who are idle and being wasted. The long list includes; former technical director and Zebras coach, Losikalwame ‘Six’ Keatlholetswe, Tlhagiso ‘Sonnyboy’ Sethibe, Stanley ‘Mazariri’ Tshosane, Daniel ‘Chico Dance’ Nare, Sthando Mogwadi (retired), Letang Kgengwenyane and Innocent Morapedi. Unfortunately, no one seems to care because it is like everyone has adopted some kind of ‘mind your own business kind of attitude.” The powers that be ought to be greatly worried because with this trend it will be difficult to export any of our local coaches because the more inactive they become, the more they lose out. The Premier League ought to have a workshop for club administrators because by the look of things at times our club administrators demand results where they have not planted any seed.  Indeed, it is now a case of whither Botswana coaches. While many of the countries in the region are going local, we in Botswana are disempowering our coaches.


Francistown Stadium name

I am of the view that the name for the new Francistown stadium has been rushed. Why the rush I do not know. People ought to have been given time to come up with names. The name should not always be about honouring someone but it can be about heritage, cultural activity or an animal.

I therefore do not understand why the name was announced at some impromptu event far away from the residents of the city. Already, the eastern stand is being nick -named Domboshaba. Maybe the stadium should have been named Domboshaba which would at times mean a fortress of some sort.

It is, however, still not late though to choose a real good and appropriate name. Let there be creativity.

Butler, Chiefs

It is pleasing to note that Zebras coach Peter James Butler and Mochudi Centre Chiefs have smoked the peace pipe as Lemponye Tshireletso has been drafted into the squad. To cap it all or rather ironically, Chiefs’ public relations officer, Clifford Mogomotsi is the head of delegation for the team’s trip to Eritrea for the 2018 World Cup qualifier. Hopefully, the two parties will understand and appreciate each other much better. Football can only be the winner.

Good luck to the Zebras.

Editor's Comment
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