Death of Christmas spirit

As the world celebrates Christmas this weekend, the spirit of the day may be barely felt by the nation of Botswana. That sense of pride and patriotism is missing in the air.

While its true getting the spirit of Christmas means different things to different people, to some it is that beautiful warm feeling of no place like home for the holidays, to others it is the excitement of shopping for gifts and wrapping them by the tree.

At a national level the spirit of Christmas, of celebrating, comes from that sense of belonging, pride and trust in governance, gratification with welfare issues, implementation of policies as well as satisfaction with the running and performance of the economy which is measured by prudence in resource utilisation, wealth distribution as well as running and management of national assets and institutions. And the health of various sectors critical in the life of an economy is a critical reflection, which boasts this Christmas spirit. A lot has transpired in the past 12 months so far as institutional management is concerned. Precisely a lot has been happening, but in the year 2016 a lot of symptoms of the rot that has been happening in the system came to the fore.  This is the year in which the nation’s premier academic institution came to its knees. It emerged that the crème del cream of higher learning is running on a shoestring budget and for several financial years, had been short-changed in government subventions; which administrators said is the snowball effect of seven years of under-funding.

Editor's Comment
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