Botswana's food production can join the Blue Revolution

Harvest of 300g tilapia from an irrigation reservoir
Harvest of 300g tilapia from an irrigation reservoir

Many countries around the world have started to focus on the aquatic environment for increased food production. This is in response to the fact that the world population grows and needs to be fed at the same time as the landing of natural fish stocks from the ocean and lakes has stagnated or even decreased.

Many therefore see fish farming as the only way to produce enough fish to satisfy the needs of a growing world population.

Aquaculture and fish farming have become huge business and products are sold/distributed to countries all around the globe. Almost all seafood consumed in Botswana is imported. The salmon products mostly come from Norwegian-owned farms in colder countries and the majority of the Tilapia, commonly called bream, comes from farms in China!

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Shame on BotswanaPost, like-minded employers

Just recently, the Manual Workers Union successfully interdicted BotswanaPost from implementing new terms and conditions of employment for its members without the union’s knowledge.The union then took the BotswanaPost to court seeking to stop the postal parastatal from implementing terms and conditions of the workers who fall under their membership without being involved on their behalf.In his ruling, Justice Isaac Bahuma of the Gaborone...

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